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Employment in Kuwait is heavily dependent on sponsorship arrangements. To be able to stay and work in Kuwait, one needs to have a sponsor who will be responsible for the employee’s work and residency arrangements here in Kuwait. However, in the event that an employer could no longer offer employment or sponsorship, expats need to [...]

In order to enter the workforce in Kuwait, expats need to submit certain requirements for legal work. One of which is the Kuwait work permit. Work permits can only be issued if an expat has been given a legitimate job offer to work in Kuwait. Following this scheme, the employer takes on the role of [...]

OFWs in Kuwait who wish to avail of a new Philippine passport only need to visit the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait and provide the necessary requirements to begin their application. The same process applies when filing for a report of birth for minors in Kuwait. Now that the new Philippine passport is valid for ten [...]

Have you been planning to bring your family for a holiday vacation here in Kuwait? There are some great places you can go to, especially with the kids in tow. But before you start planning, there are some things that you need to attend to first. As with your any travels to other countries, there [...]

Every resident of Kuwait, both national and expatriate, needs to apply for a civil ID card within the 30-day period of issuance of their residency visa. Thie Civil ID card, also known as bitaqa-almadaniyah is an important document to prove your legal stay in the Gulf nation. The Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) is [...]

It’s no secret that the U.S.A is one of the more popular destinations people visit to see “the world.” And why not, America has made its mark on the globe for its great contributions across so many fields. If you plan to tour the Land of the Brave, you better take down notes and apply [...]

If you have plans of flying to Australia for a friendly visit to a relative/family, a holiday vacation, or for recreational travel, you should at least consider knowing the process for filing your Australian tourist visa application. Applying for a visitor visa in Australia is applicable for those with activities which deal with tourism and/or [...]

Looking for a new travel experience? Would you chance a ride up the London Eye to witness the historic city from a bird’s eye view? Visit the famous London Bridge or check out how big the Big Ben is in the flesh? If these tickle your fancy, then consider applying for a UK tourist Visa [...]

All eyes and engines are set on Kuwait for the 2018 Red Bull Car Park Drift Qualifier to be held at the Sirbb Circuit on 09 March. It has only been a couple of months since the 2017 King of Drift has been crowned, and now a total of 25 drifters will go head to [...]

Agnes Tuballes, the alleged recruiter of the murdered Pinay OFW in Kuwait, Joanna Demafelis (29) whose body was found in a freezer, has turned herself into police custody last March 1 according to PNP sources. Tuballes is currently under the supervision of the Philippine National Police’s Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG). The surrender came [...]