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The Ministry of Interior has expressed plans to process the renewal of expats’ residency permits on-line by next year, whereas an initial trial for the on-line renewal domestic workers under the citizens’ sponsorship will be prioritized. As per the IT Department of the Ministry of Interior, an online filing system has already been finalized which [...]

The Ministry of Communication provides telephone services here in Kuwait. Typically, most households in the State already have landline services installed, just like water and electricity. However, in the off-chance that your residence does not, it would be wise to know the process of setting up your telephone account through the concerned Ministry. You may [...]

According to the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait, the Philippine President will be visiting the Gulf State by the end of April to finalize the bilateral agreement concerning the protection and welfare of OFWs based in Kuwait in a statement shared by Ambassador Renato Villa during a meeting with Kuwaiti Ministry officials last April 16. The [...]

There are various reasons why people fly out to other countries. Besides travel, work, studies, and migration, another common reason why people go overseas is to seek medical help. However, there are certain things that you will need to consider first in order to qualify for this kind of special entry in a country such [...]

GCC Nations to Establish Common Policy to Benefit Domestic Workers

Due to the recent reports of abuse and call for decent and humane treatment of domestic helpers by countries sending manpower to the Middle East, representatives from five member nations of theGulf Cooperation Council (GCC) have met to discuss plans to establish a regional system concerning the management of domestic workers, according to the Minister [...]

Applying for a driving license here in Kuwait follows a certain set of requirements and procedures set by the government for all of its citizens, expats included. Here in Kuwait, first-time applicants will need to pass a driving test and be issued a learner’s license to be able to drive around the city. Whether it’s [...]

The Department of Labour and Employment (DOLE) announced that a bilateral agreement for the protection of OFWs in Kuwait has already been laid out and is in its final stages, and is now only waiting for Pres. Rodrigo Duterte’s signature and approval. According to Labour Secretary Silvestre Bello III, the President may have to personally [...]

For the purpose of updating the government’s civil registry files, expats must file for every change of their address or place of residents in Kuwait. Just as expats would have to file a request for a change of sponsor; they, too, should apply for change of address through the concerned government agency in case they [...]

Last April 1, the Kuwait Parliament Financial Affairs and Economic Committee has passed four bills which impose new tax schemes on expat remittances, even those with low or minimum incomes. According to MP Salah Khorshid, Chairman of Financial Affairs and Economic Committee, a good two-thirds of the panel approved the four proposed bills, explaining that [...]

Sooner or later, everyone just has to get their first-hand taste of living independently, while it may sound exciting at first, this big change entails a lot of important work, too. This includes paying your own rent and sorting out your household utility requirements for water and electrical connections. If you managed to get a [...]