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Family life is not at all easy. Sometimes, being together just doesn’t work for two individuals especially when the relationship has already gotten sour, and differences too irreconcilable. If a Kuwaiti and a non-Kuwaiti citizen decide to end a (court) marriage, there are certain requirements and considerations to be taken care of as sanctioned by [...]

Previously, we have shared the process on how to apply for a BPI ATM Savings Account. In this post we will take a look at the guidelines on how to open an ATM account with PNB – one of the leading banks in the Philippines, especially for OFWs who wish to securely save up their [...]

If you’re planning on opening a new savings account for yourself when and should you decide to come back home in the Philippines, or to set up an account where you can send your remittances for your family, it would be ideal to take note of the processes as to how you can open a [...]

For those of you who are non-Muslims or are from a country practicing a different religion, it’s important to have some general working knowledge as to how major celebrations like Ramadan are being observed in Muslim countries, especially when you’re based here in Kuwait. Ramadan represents the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar and [...]

mosque ramadan kuwait

Muslim countries and their people from all over the world will celebrate the beginning of the Holy Month of Ramadan. According to experts, Ramadan, as its dates change every year (based on moon sightings) usually happen in in mid May to June. There are certain rules and customs to be observed in Muslim countries such [...]

If you have or are planning to move into your own residence in Kuwait, aside from applying for electricity or telephone connections, you will also need to apply for a new connection of potable water as part of your basic necessities as a resident here in the Gulf State. Interestingly, being an arid country situated [...]

Expats who are visiting the Gulf State for either medical treatment or business engagements may apply for a visa extension through the Department of Immigration before the expiry date (up to a year) of their Kuwait visa. Expatriates may apply for a two one-month extension of their temporary residence visa. Other than the abovementioned purposes, [...]

The Ministry of Communication provides telephone services here in Kuwait. Typically, most households in the State already have landline services installed, just like water and electricity. However, in the off-chance that your residence does not, it would be wise to know the process of setting up your telephone account through the concerned Ministry. You may [...]

There are various reasons why people fly out to other countries. Besides travel, work, studies, and migration, another common reason why people go overseas is to seek medical help. However, there are certain things that you will need to consider first in order to qualify for this kind of special entry in a country such [...]

Applying for a driving license here in Kuwait follows a certain set of requirements and procedures set by the government for all of its citizens, expats included. Here in Kuwait, first-time applicants will need to pass a driving test and be issued a learner’s license to be able to drive around the city. Whether it’s [...]