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More than luck, figuring out how to find better opportunities abroad takes pure determination and sheer will. And even if you think you’ve figured some things out enough for you to decide to venture overseas, not having a clear-cut plan to stick to, especially when you’re going to live and work in a country such [...]

For anyone who plans to work here in Kuwait, especially first-time OFWs, it’s important that you get to have an idea about Kuwait’s Labour Law and its provisions which would apply in your situation and working status. This is to avoid cases of abuse and maltreatment of employees because no matter your class or stature [...]

Apart from the daily struggles of work overseas and managing your finances to send back home to your family, there are other things which OFWs concern themselves with when it comes to money matters. If there’s a list of misconceptions about being an OFW (which can be a good topic for another post), then the [...]

Before you even think of how to adapt to life in another country such as Kuwait, you must first be acquainted and generally informed about work-related matters, especially if that is the primary reason for you being overseas in the first place. In this post, we will look at some of the basic provisions of [...]

According to the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM), employers are now given the authority to terminate their employees’ work permits if the latter have been found to have been imprisoned based on a final judicial ruling, or have their residence permits revoked after escaping any notice to be called to court based on the account [...]

Time and again, many Filipinos including OFWs fall prey to different types of investment scams every year. And while one might argue that this is to be expected since many of us have not been exposed to any kind of formal financial literacy training, the growing number of victims and the amount of money lost [...]

In our previous post, we have discussed about the bad money habits of OFWs. If you’ve noted one of the pointers we gave, it’s how you should account for any kind of debts or loan you may have had from the bank or other similar agencies (i.e. SSS, GSIS, etc) offering this type of service. [...]

Achieving financial freedom is undoubtedly at the back of the mind of every working Filipino, especially OFWs who are based thousands of miles away from home. By keeping this vision in mind, OFWs can muster the strength and courage to push through the hardships and sacrifices needed to thrive in a foreign country in order [...]

In one of our previous posts, we have shared with you the steps and requirements needed to open a PSBank Savings Account in the Philippines. For most of us OFWs, we have families we need to support back home. And one way to ensure that we fulfil this responsibility is by opening an account through [...]

Filipinos are more into shopping and less into saving. It’s a hard fact that’s really bitter to swallow, but what if there’s a bank that offers you the best of both worlds? Luckily, for us Filipinos, BDO understands how we are wired, and through their regular savings account, our shopping and banking needs can now [...]