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OFWs line up for OEC

Summer time in Kuwait is no joke if you know how intemperate weather conditions can get in desert regions. However, OFWs in Kuwait are left without a choice but to endure the heat reaching up to 40 to 43 degrees due to the fact that the online processing of OEC and the OEC exemption are [...]

If you’re really not aware of how banks in the Philippines are performing, then you are in luck because after this read, you just might start looking at your new options as to which bank/s you would consider opening a savings account with. The Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) is among one of the country’s [...]

Last Sunday (June 3), Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte expressed his apologies to Kuwait for his harsh statements over a diplomatic conflict stemming from the poor treatment of Filipino workers in the Gulf State which have seemingly reached an end last month. The Filipino Head of State had blamed Kuwait along with other Middle Eastern nations [...]

If you’re interested to know more on how to grow your finances, a simple way to start is to set up a savings account. Opening a savings account will enable you to set aside some funds from your monthly pay check for later use such as an investment or an emergency fund. There are various [...]

With the innovation and introduction of new product and services technology in the field of banking, opening a savings account has become so much easier and convenient these days. As far as commercial or personal banking is concerned, the Bank of Commerce has consistently positioned itself among the top banking institutions in terms of reliability, [...]

If you have plans of moving your family here in Kuwait for good, or even for a relatively long while, then it’s always a good thing to explore every option you have to make sure that your family’s future is well taken care of. This includes sending your children to a good school for their [...]

In the battle of the most valuable peso savings account for OFWs, one product stands out and for several good reasons. In this post, we will take a look at some of the benefits and advantages of opening a ‘Kabayan’ Account with BDO. The BDO Kabayan Savings Account is not just an account for your [...]

Landbank is one of more popular banks among the Filipino masses, after all, it was originally envisioned to become the official financial institution to cater to the needs of the people working in the agricultural sector (i.e farmers and fishermen). Landbank is also the official depository bank of the Philippines. With that said, there are [...]

With a number of prominent commercial banks in the Philippines, it’s quite safe to say that the process of opening a savings account has now become easier more than ever. It’s quite easy to see which product suits your needs right off the bat. But what makes the decision different for each individual is the [...]

For the sake of convenience and accessibility, many Filipinos both here and in the Philippines make the decision to open a BPI Savings account. But with a number of products and tools offered by virtually almost every bank out ther, what makes BPI’s BPInoy Savings Account stand out? First of all, the name speaks for [...]