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April 2016

How to Replace Your Damaged or Lost Passport


A passport is an important document issued by the government. It certifies the holder’s information, identity and citizenship that allows them to travel under its protection from different countries. If you lose/misplace your passport or damage it as well, do not worry, we have a Philippine Embassy here in Kuwait who can provide and replace [...]


Any newborn Filipino has to be registered and reported at the Philippine Embassy. This is to make sure that your child is registered and recognized by the Philippines and added in our records. Our embassy in Kuwait will be able to help you out in processing these documentations. These documents will come in handy when your [...]


Kuwait is also one of the major countries in the Middle East where we have many OFWs currently residing in. If you happen to be in this country and you wish to process any Philippine government related documents, you can go directly to the Philippine Embassy Kuwait to help you out. Pinoys should know where [...]

How to Get Married in Kuwait (For Filipinos)

report of marriage kuwait

For Filipinos currently residing in Kuwait and would like to process report of marriage, You can do so by going to the Philippine Embassy who can help you for the same. Below are the steps and guidelines Pinoys need to secure and process. Note: Processing/Interview Time:  8:00AM – 12:30PM Pinoy Marriage Guidelines at the Philippine Embassy [...]