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April 2018

Ramadan: Traditions and Customs in Kuwait

mosque ramadan kuwait

Muslim countries and their people from all over the world will celebrate the beginning of the Holy Month of Ramadan. According to experts, Ramadan, as its dates change every year (based on moon sightings) usually happen in in mid May to June. There are certain rules and customs to be observed in Muslim countries such [...]

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has released an updated list of accredited Sea Cargo Forwarders as of March 31, 2018. OFWs typically avail the services of an international consolidator or a principal sea cargo forwarder to deliver their packages also known as “balikbayan” boxes to their family or relatives in the Philippines. However, [...]

In a recent statement, Philippine Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Alan Peter Cayetano, expressed confidence that the official signing of the bilateral agreement between the Philippines and Kuwait will still push through despite the recent scandal involving the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait which has embittered diplomatic relations of the two countries. The Foreign Affairs Secretary shared [...]

Another event has further aggravated the diplomatic ties between the Philippines and Kuwait when the Philippine Embassy has been discovered to have been reportedly conducting rescue operations to help Filipino household workers escape their employers without the knowledge and approval of Kuait’s Ministry of Interior. Last April 21, the Philippine Ambassador to Kuwait, Mr. Renato [...]

If you have or are planning to move into your own residence in Kuwait, aside from applying for electricity or telephone connections, you will also need to apply for a new connection of potable water as part of your basic necessities as a resident here in the Gulf State. Interestingly, being an arid country situated [...]

Expats who are visiting the Gulf State for either medical treatment or business engagements may apply for a visa extension through the Department of Immigration before the expiry date (up to a year) of their Kuwait visa. Expatriates may apply for a two one-month extension of their temporary residence visa. Other than the abovementioned purposes, [...]

The Ministry of Interior has expressed plans to process the renewal of expats’ residency permits on-line by next year, whereas an initial trial for the on-line renewal domestic workers under the citizens’ sponsorship will be prioritized. As per the IT Department of the Ministry of Interior, an online filing system has already been finalized which [...]

The Ministry of Communication provides telephone services here in Kuwait. Typically, most households in the State already have landline services installed, just like water and electricity. However, in the off-chance that your residence does not, it would be wise to know the process of setting up your telephone account through the concerned Ministry. You may [...]

President Duterte to Visit Kuwait on April 30

According to the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait, the Philippine President will be visiting the Gulf State by the end of April to finalize the bilateral agreement concerning the protection and welfare of OFWs based in Kuwait in a statement shared by Ambassador Renato Villa during a meeting with Kuwaiti Ministry officials last April 16. The [...]

There are various reasons why people fly out to other countries. Besides travel, work, studies, and migration, another common reason why people go overseas is to seek medical help. However, there are certain things that you will need to consider first in order to qualify for this kind of special entry in a country such [...]