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May 2018

In the battle of the most valuable peso savings account for OFWs, one product stands out and for several good reasons. In this post, we will take a look at some of the benefits and advantages of opening a ‘Kabayan’ Account with BDO. The BDO Kabayan Savings Account is not just an account for your [...]

Landbank is one of more popular banks among the Filipino masses, after all, it was originally envisioned to become the official financial institution to cater to the needs of the people working in the agricultural sector (i.e farmers and fishermen). Landbank is also the official depository bank of the Philippines. With that said, there are [...]

With a number of prominent commercial banks in the Philippines, it’s quite safe to say that the process of opening a savings account has now become easier more than ever. It’s quite easy to see which product suits your needs right off the bat. But what makes the decision different for each individual is the [...]

How to Apply for a BPInoy Savings Account

For the sake of convenience and accessibility, many Filipinos both here and in the Philippines make the decision to open a BPI Savings account. But with a number of products and tools offered by virtually almost every bank out ther, what makes BPI’s BPInoy Savings Account stand out? First of all, the name speaks for [...]

Thinking of vacationing in the Philippines and opening a travel expense account you can use during your stay here? No problem. You can get this in the form of a regular savings account with Eastwest Bank (EWB). Besides being one of the fastest growing banks in the Philippines during the last decade, Eastwest Bank has [...]

In the midst of the shaky developments in the bilateral ties of the Philippines and Kuwait, OFWs in the Gulf State can now enjoy strengthened protection from their country of residence after the signing of the memorandum of agreement (MOA) between the Philippines and Kuwait last May 11. The diplomatic meeting for the Agreement Signing [...]

Family life is not at all easy. Sometimes, being together just doesn’t work for two individuals especially when the relationship has already gotten sour, and differences too irreconcilable. If a Kuwaiti and a non-Kuwaiti citizen decide to end a (court) marriage, there are certain requirements and considerations to be taken care of as sanctioned by [...]

Previously, we have shared the process on how to apply for a BPI ATM Savings Account. In this post we will take a look at the guidelines on how to open an ATM account with PNB – one of the leading banks in the Philippines, especially for OFWs who wish to securely save up their [...]

Kuwait Yoga Meet 2018 on May 11

The biggest yoga event of the year in Kuwait is about to take place at the LOYAC HQ in Qibla on May 11. Through the initiative of LOYAC, a non-profit organization committed to the overall development of the youth in Kuwait, and in partnership with Seva Darshan Kuwait and the Kuwait Yoga Meet Team, and [...]

How to Apply for a BPI ATM Card

If you’re planning on opening a new savings account for yourself when and should you decide to come back home in the Philippines, or to set up an account where you can send your remittances for your family, it would be ideal to take note of the processes as to how you can open a [...]