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June 2018

The holy month of Ramadan has already concluded; however, there is yet another upcoming important holiday in the Islamic calendar – the Eid Al-Adha, which will be held this August. But according to sources, the exact number of days as to how long the holiday will be observed has yet been decided. This will all [...]

Last June 20, the Ministry of Health (MoH) has received approval from the government to extend the contracts of a health insurance company that is in-charge of expats for the next six months starting July 28, 2018 until January 2019. According to undisclosed sources, the latest bidding for the health insurance of expats in the [...]

How to Spot and Avoid Investment Scams

Time and again, many Filipinos including OFWs fall prey to different types of investment scams every year. And while one might argue that this is to be expected since many of us have not been exposed to any kind of formal financial literacy training, the growing number of victims and the amount of money lost [...]

In our previous post, we have discussed about the bad money habits of OFWs. If you’ve noted one of the pointers we gave, it’s how you should account for any kind of debts or loan you may have had from the bank or other similar agencies (i.e. SSS, GSIS, etc) offering this type of service. [...]

More than a handful of users of popular mobile messaging app, Whatsapp, have reported incidences of being scammed or losing control and access to their accounts in Kuwait every month. According to a source from the Electronic and Cyber Crime Combatting Department (ECCCD), an affiliate agency of the Criminal Investigation Department, majority of the identified [...]

The Directorate-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Engr. Yousef Al-Fawzan has provided concrete steps and instructions to provide assistance to domestic workers who have been stranded for several hours even up to days and months upon arrival at the Kuwait International Airport. In line with this issue, a dedicated window booth has been opened at the [...]

Achieving financial freedom is undoubtedly at the back of the mind of every working Filipino, especially OFWs who are based thousands of miles away from home. By keeping this vision in mind, OFWs can muster the strength and courage to push through the hardships and sacrifices needed to thrive in a foreign country in order [...]

While there had been several occasions when Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte had announced his intentions of visiting Kuwait since the tumultuous news of a slain Filipina stuffed in a freezer for over a year erupted since January, which dampened bilateral ties between the two nations. This was further aggravated when a blanket labour deployment ban [...]

Last June 13, the Director of Public Hygiene and Road Works, Dr Saad Al-Jalawi shared at the Hawalli Branch in Kuwait City that the Kuwaiti government is working hard in ironing out contracts with cleaning companies to improve sustainability in the nation’s cleaning process. In line with this development, the government has set a fine [...]

In one of our previous posts, we have shared with you the steps and requirements needed to open a PSBank Savings Account in the Philippines. For most of us OFWs, we have families we need to support back home. And one way to ensure that we fulfil this responsibility is by opening an account through [...]