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While there had been several occasions when Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte had announced his intentions of visiting Kuwait since the tumultuous news of a slain Filipina stuffed in a freezer for over a year erupted since January, which dampened bilateral ties between the two nations. This was further aggravated when a blanket labour deployment ban [...]

Last Sunday (June 3), Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte expressed his apologies to Kuwait for his harsh statements over a diplomatic conflict stemming from the poor treatment of Filipino workers in the Gulf State which have seemingly reached an end last month. The Filipino Head of State had blamed Kuwait along with other Middle Eastern nations [...]

Pres. Duterte to visit Kuwait Amid Labour Ban

Amid the hot issue of the Philippines’ labour ban on Kuwait, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte had a meeting with Kuwaiti Ambassador to the Philippines Saleh Ahmad Althwaikh in Malacañang last Feb. 7. In the meeting, the Kuwaiti Ambassador had personally invited President Duterte to visit the Gulf State to which the President willingly obliged. Presidential [...]