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Around 58,000 New Expats Entered Kuwait Workforce last Year

As the government is on its feet in regulating the manpower in Kuwait to create more employment opportunities for nationals across various fields, it’s quite surprising to find out that there is still a huge gap between the number of Kuwaitis as opposed to foreign workers in the country. Of course, no project becomes complete [...]

Kuwait Lights Up Ahead of Nat’l Day Celebrations

February marks an important time here in Kuwait as some of the biggest national holidays fall during this period. It is for this reason that citizens are keen on preparing activities and festive events to welcome the national celebrations. And as in most countries, Kuwait, too, has its own way of showing its national day [...]

Gov’t to Consider Banning Non-Degree Holder Expats over 60 Years of Age

Still in line with the country’s bid to restructure its manpower resources and allocation, as well as to provide more opportunities for nationals to find work in both private and public firms, the government is now studying the benefits of restructuring its population demographics, as well. This move has taken into consideration of the national [...]

Health Care Company to Hire Staff to Operate Primary Clinics in Kuwait

During the last two years, there was issue within the government as to how expats are supposed to avail healthcare elsewhere other than what the government offers, but now that a new insurance scheme has been set in place, expats will have the option to receive healthcare in line with the insurance scheme observed by [...]

Education Ministry Experiences Shortage in Science, English Teachers

In recent months, the Kuwaiti government has entered a transition to “Kuwaitize” a number of fields of work in both public and private sectors.o The said initiative was in line with the government’s vision of “resettling the workforce” and opening more job opportunities for nationals, which had not been the case for many years due [...]

Lawmakers to ‘Push Hard’ for Passing of VAT before June

With talks circulating around how most GCC countries are now looking to adopt the value added tax system after Saudi Arabia and the UAE have managed to do so, all eyes are now on the remaining member states including Kuwait. For the longest time, the Middle East has been one of the top destinations for [...]

Gov’t to Consider Banning Non-Degree Holder Expats over 60 Years of Age

Since its conception back in 2017, the government’s Kuwaitization initiative hasn’t received much concrete proof even in terms of projected numbers up until this time. However, 2019 is proving to be a year of more actions as there have already been efforts from ministries in realizing the government’s goal to localize all of its sectors [...]

MP Donates $10K Aid to Family of Foreign National Victim of Self-Immolation

Despite differences in nationalities, some people just throw unconditional support to others who are more in need than they are, especially for those who have been victims of injustice even in other places. While these people may seem too good to be true, there are, in fact, people like them who commit their work and [...]

Kuwait Looks to ‘Privatise’ Ministries, Gov’t Sectors

Along with its plans to “Kuwaitize” its public and private sectors, the government is also now looking at initiatives on how to restructure the state’s organisation, and resolve deficit problems, and cut down on expenditures. These efforts are all aimed at organizing the state’s administrative structure, and then resolve other problems regarding labor and manpower resources and [...]

Kuwait Guns to Make Longest Flag World Record

In the country’s build up for its national celebrations, the government will aim to make a new feat that would cement its position on the world map (and on the world record list). This is a great way to promote camaraderie and nationalism as achieving this feat would instill a great sense of accomplishment for [...]