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Remains of Late OFW from Kuwait Repatriated, Family Receives PHP 1 Million and College Scholarships for Children

The remains of the overseas Filipino worker (OFW) from Palawan who died in Kuwait was finally brought home to their family and relatives, who mourned for her sudden passing. The father of 26-year old OFW Kamish Nacasi, Percival Nacasi, does not believe that his daughter would have committed suicide in Kuwait, where she worked for [...]

MoI Employee Arrested Over Charges of Extortion and Abuse of Power against Expats

Living in Kuwait is quite challenging at the moment mainly because of what the government is doing to limit the number of expat workers in the country through its nationalization scheme or “Kuwaitization” to allow more Kuwaitis to enter the workforce. Other than this situation, expats also face corrupt individuals in the form of recruiters [...]

Gov’t Halts Recruitment of Expats in Kuwait on Certain Salary Contracts

With various requirements governing the recruitment of expats in Kuwait already set in place, many public offices as well as those from the private sector have imposed stricter qualification requirements to “filter” workers who are to be allowed in the government or in the country, in general. This move is deeply rooted on the national [...]

PACI Recommends Opening Service Centres for Expats Similar to Citizens’

As the issue surrounding residency stickers and civil IDs has resurfaced recently, government authorities were alarmed to look into the system once again and to remedy parts of the process where expats are facing trouble with when conducting transactions at banks or when checking in at airports abroad. This has proven to become a persisting [...]

Filipina Charged with Adultery along with Egyptian Lover in Dead Newborn’s Case

Part of the challenges that come with being a migrant worker is homesickness, and for single people – loneliness. It is for this reason that even those with families back home get involved in illicit affairs, which do not fare well with the laws in Islamic countries such as Kuwait. For a country as conservative [...]

Immigration Woes Continue to Haunt Expats with New Civil IDs

The government’s move to scrap the use of residency stickers on passports and to replace it with Civil IDs has proven to be more challenging than it is beneficial for resident expats in the Gulf State because there seems to be miscommunication with relevant departments and facilities that typically use these documents for regular transactions. [...]

Kuwait Recruitment Standards Based on Employer Request, Not Nationalities, Numbers – Authority

With issues surrounding the growing presence of expat communities in Kuwait, which directly affect the labour landscape in the Gulf State, potential employees are looking elsewhere for work, with the assumption that the government no longer accepts expat workers from large expat communities in the country. And as the government’s nationalization scheme is still pushing [...]

Philippine Embassy Sends Home 45 Distressed OFWs from Kuwait

With the ongoing initiatives by the Kuwaiti government to level the workforce in both the public and private sector, there seems to be little attention left for the domestic workers in the country. Aside from the recent issue revolving around the death of a Filipina HSW, which to this day, has not been given the [...]

With Massive Exit of Expats in Kuwait, Apartment Tenancy Goes Down

Considering the stricter regulations imposed on expats in the country, in line with the government’s nationalisation scheme, Kuwait has become one of the least preferred destinations for work among skilled expats. Considering this, it’s not surprising to note that even expats already in the country are leaving in large groups, vacating posts both in the [...]

Professional Skills Development Offered in Kuwait

As the country now has new standards when it comes to hiring workers, especially foreign nationals in the country, there is much demand for highly- or advanced skilled workers in the country, which could ultimately spell whether who gets to stay or go back home… perhaps for good. That being said, professional expats and even long-time [...]