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Kuwait Sees Sharp Decline in Expat Population and Domestic Workers

According to recent figures from the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM), there has been a drastic decrease in the number of domestic workers in the country, which is akin to a “mass exodus.” The authority also noted that more than 83,000 residency permits were cancelled within two months due to expiration, non-renewal, or workers leaving [...]

Filipina Domestic Helper Receives 26 Kgs of Illegal Drugs, Arrested by Kuwait Police

A Filipino national was apprehended in Kuwait with 26 kgs of Larica powder. The Filipina was born in a Gulf region. READ ALSO: POLO Urges OFWs to Report Maltreatment of Employers Directly An investigation is being carried out with the aim of locating the supplier of illicit drugs as well as those who are the [...]

POLO Urges OFWs to Report Unjust and Maltreatment of Employers Directly to Their Office for Assistance

Filipino employees have been subjected to unfair treatment by their employers for several years, and they have no one to turn to. READ ALSO: Arrival of Filipino Domestic Workers in Kuwait Hits A Snag The Philippine Overseas Labor Office, on the other hand, sought to improve these situations by allowing these Filipino employees to report [...]

Arrival of Filipino Domestic Workers in Kuwait Hits A Snag

The arrival of new Filipino domestic workers in Kuwait after a more than a year ban has been slowed down due to limited training courses held for them in the Philippines, a Kuwaiti unionist revealed. Obstacles noted include training, slow passport issuance from the Philippines. Several Obstacles Noted in Reduced Number of Domestic Workers’ Arrivals [...]

Kuwait Finally Lifts Ban on Filipino Domestic Helpers

Great news for Filipino domestic helpers! The long wait is finally over – the Kuwait government has confirmed that the ban on Filipino domestic helpers has now been lifted. READ ALSO: Salary of a Domestic Helper and Some Tips for Working in Kuwait Khaled Al-Dakhnan of the Federation of Domestic Labor Offices made the official [...]

Kuwait Follows After Saudi Ban on the Use of the Word ‘Maids’ in Adverts

The use of the word, ‘maid’ in advertisements and job postings is no longer allowed in Kuwait as per the Kuwaiti Ministry of Commerce. READ ALSO: Increase in Absconding Cases of Domestic Workers Alarms Employers, Kuwait Authorities According to the ministry, the purpose of this decision is to uphold the dignity of those expat workers, [...]

Access to Vaccines Still A Struggle for Expats in Kuwait

Foreign nationals in Kuwait are struggling to get access to coronavirus vaccines despite the government’s vaccination campaign which has been rolled out since December of last year. In Kuwait, 70% of the population is comprised of expats, who power the country’s economy. Expats Struggle For Access to Vaccines in Kuwait Unlike other Gulf states that [...]

OWWA Chief to OFWs: ‘Postpone Return to PH Amid Spike in COVID Cases’

On Saturday (March 20), the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) urged overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who are planning to come back home to postpone their trips due to the steep increase in COVID-19 cases in the country. READ NEXT: 5 Practical Ways for OFWs to Cope with Homesickness In recent weeks, the country has seen [...]

Gov’t Issues Hundreds of New Work Visas for Filipino Domestic Helpers

Kuwait authorities on Sunday (March 15) issued hundreds of visas for Filipino domestic workers after the recruitment ban that lasted for more than a year. According to officials, domestic labour offices issued the new visas to workers from the Philippines in preparation for the signing of contracts by the Philippine Embassy in the coming days, [...]

gambling raid kuwait

A reminder to everyone that gambling is illegal in Kuwait. Recently, the Kuwait Police caught 24 people involved in betting and gambling. According to a report shared by the Ministry of interior in Kuwait, the Kuwait Police have arrested people during an apartment raid. For many expats, please let this serve as a reminder that [...]