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How to Rent a Car in Kuwait

Getting around in Kuwait is relatively easy if you have a car. Since there aren’t a lot of public transportation options other than taxis and buses here, car rental is quite common and can prove to be practical, especially for visitors staying for a short period of time. ALSO READ: How to Apply for a [...]

List of Kuwait Public Holidays in 2019

Living as an expat in a foreign country such as Kuwait, subjects individuals to certain limitations due to citizenship status and other related matters. And while this is common in most countries anywhere in the world – apparently, there is a specific law in Kuwait which allows expats and eligible foreign workers to acquire a [...]

We’re down to the last stretch of 2018, but school year’s just about to start here in Kuwait. For those who are interested to know about the tuition fees in the Gulf State, this one is for you. Education here in Kuwait can be pretty expensive, especially for those who attend international schools (IS), as [...]

Tips on How to Find a Job in Kuwait

Finding a job in the Middle East can be a very enticing goal to pursue, especially for first-time OFWs because of the higher salary and the opportunity to work in a new environment where fellow Filipinos abound, not to mention the tax-free living you get to enjoy in these countries. In this post, we share [...]

Assist WELL Program of DOLE for returning OFWs

With repatriation in the Middle East making the headlines recently once again, it’s important that we look into what the Philippine government is offering to assist our distressed kababayans who may not have planned for an immediate return back home just yet. In this post, we will focus the spotlight on one of the Department [...]

More than luck, figuring out how to find better opportunities abroad takes pure determination and sheer will. And even if you think you’ve figured some things out enough for you to decide to venture overseas, not having a clear-cut plan to stick to, especially when you’re going to live and work in a country such [...]

For anyone who plans to work here in Kuwait, especially first-time OFWs, it’s important that you get to have an idea about Kuwait’s Labour Law and its provisions which would apply in your situation and working status. This is to avoid cases of abuse and maltreatment of employees because no matter your class or stature [...]

Apart from the daily struggles of work overseas and managing your finances to send back home to your family, there are other things which OFWs concern themselves with when it comes to money matters. If there’s a list of misconceptions about being an OFW (which can be a good topic for another post), then the [...]

Before you even think of how to adapt to life in another country such as Kuwait, you must first be acquainted and generally informed about work-related matters, especially if that is the primary reason for you being overseas in the first place. In this post, we will look at some of the basic provisions of [...]

According to the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM), employers are now given the authority to terminate their employees’ work permits if the latter have been found to have been imprisoned based on a final judicial ruling, or have their residence permits revoked after escaping any notice to be called to court based on the account [...]