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Guide to Prevent the Spread of New Coronavirus COVID-19

As of March 5 (Thursday), the government of Kuwait has reported at least 50 confirmed cases of COVID-19.  In line with this, various travel and health advisories have been issued by the government to prevent the surge in the number of infections locally.   How to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 The World Health Organization (WHO) urges [...]

The Palms Beach Hotel & Spa

Are you schedule to fly in Kuwait this week but still struggling to find your accommodation? Don’t worry because today, we will share with you some of the best hotels you can find around the corners of Kuwait Airport. Regardless of the country, you are coming from, you are welcome to choose your own accommodation [...]

Check Out the Biggest Filipino Hangout in Kuwait: Little Manila in Salmiya

Despite the earlier criticisms and diplomatic-threatening issues that took place mostly in 2018 and a few more in 2019, Kuwait remains to be one of the top work destinations among Filipinos in the Middle East.  And as this trend continues coming into 2020, it’s not surprising to learn that some kind of an enclave for Filipinos has [...]

New Online Driving License Renewal Service Launched by Interior Ministry

Things just got much easier for the citizens and residents of Kuwait as the Interior Ministry has launched a new online portal for the renewal of driving licenses in the state. Through this upgrade, the traffic and operations sector in cooperation with the IT department will be utilizing the online service for the renewal of driving licenses [...]

How to Check Travel Ban in Kuwait

The year-end will once again see a lot of people, typically families leaving or entering Kuwait for vacation getaways. But before you decide on where to visit next for your holiday time-off, have you considered checking if you have an existing travel ban on your records?  If so, you might be legally arrested upon leaving or entering [...]

6 Reasons Why Becoming an OFW May Not Be For You

With over 2 million Filipinos classified to have worked as an OFW at least once in their lifetime, there’s no question that the perks of being one has much appeal among families and young professionals, who are looking to build a career.  Despite its widespread appeal among Filipinos, there’s no guarantee though that working as [...]

5 Practical Ways for OFWs to Cope with Homesickness

Becoming an OFW is just the start. Living and thriving as one are two different stories, though. But as we all know, one of the big challenges OFWs have to face is having to live apart from their friends and families back home – their comfort zone.  ALSO READ: 6 Reasons Why Becoming an OFW [...]

Gulf Bank Logo

The Gulf Bank of Kuwait was founded in 1960, it is one of the top banks in Kuwait. The bank was registered as Central Bank of Kuwait and was revised to Gulf Bank in 1984. Also Read: List of Burgan Bank Branches and ATMs in Kuwait This bank has many great services including consumer banking, financial [...]

Warba Bank Logo

The Warba Bank was established in the hopes to cope with the crisis that Kuwait witnessed. This was built on February 17, 2010. Later on, April 7, 2010, was licensed under the Central Bank of Kuwait. Also Read: List of National Bank of Kuwait Branches and ATMs in Kuwait This bank helps its customers in fulfilling [...]

How to Manage your Bank Accounts Effectively

OFWs, whether remitting or saving money for the future will need to deal with bank accounts wherever they may be in the world. Having an account or several of these in a bank can be a challenge for those who need to budget their funds effectively. Opening accounts with several banks has its perks since [...]