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How to Contact Philippine Embassy in Kuwait

Filipino workers in Kuwait who need assistance from the Philippine government can visit the Philippine embassy in the country. This embassy is located near Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman Al-Saud Road (Road 30). The closest bus stop, Bus No. 102, is only 360 meters from the Embassy’s new office. This post is designed to help guide visitors [...]

Kuwait Bahrain International Exchange

Kuwait Bahrain International Exchange is one of the financial institutions with impressive growth through the past decades of providing exceptional financial services. This company has been prominent as a leader in the financial remittances industry and continues to maintain with untiring efforts. Also Read: List of Kuwait India Exchange Branches (KIECO) in Kuwait They offer a [...]

KIECO Exchange Logo

Kuwait India International Exchange Co (KIECO) was established in the year 1979. It offers a wide range of financial services including currency exchange, remittance services, and payment solutions. It is regulated by the Central Bank of Kuwait and has grown to be one of the leading financial service providers in the state of Kuwait. Also [...]

filipina helper tiktok dance child

The meteoric rise of social media influence on our daily lives has drawn more users, both young and old, from all parts of the world, into the bandwagon of posting content for attention – whatever it takes. As such, bizarre acts have become more prevalent in today’s world. This one featured a domestic helper who [...]

Lulu Exchange logo

LuLu Exchange is one of the leading companies that provide financial services like currency exchange, money transfer, and etc. in Kuwait. This company ensures that the customer’s financial needs are met. They are committed to offering sustainable business practices while guaranteeing the growth and stability of both the company and its clients. Also Read: List of [...]

Top 15 Beaches to Visit in Kuwait

Most people visit Kuwait for work and that’s pretty much it. But did you know that there are several nice beaches in Kuwait you can go to during the weekend or on holidays? In this guide, we list our top 15 picks of the best ones you can go to with your family when you’re [...]

Corpse of Filipino Man Washed Off in Blajat Beach in Kuwait

The Salmiya Fire and Maritime Rescue Center in Kuwait discovered a corpse washed off in Blajat Beach. The identity of the Filipino man in his early 30s was withheld but is believed to have gone missing after he went fishing in the area. The body was found after nearly 33 hours of search and rescue [...]

Here’s How You Can Renew Your OWWA Membership for OFWs in Kuwait

OFWs based in Kuwait should know that an OWWA membership means more than just a requirement for work overseas. OWWA is the governing body responsible for overseeing the work conditions and welfare of Filipinos abroad. With this in mind, you can have some sense of security in the fact that the agency has got you [...]

Cost of Domestic Helper Recruitment on the Rise in Kuwait

The pandemic has displaced many workers both domestic and overseas. This change has affected the market greatly, affecting the cost of labor in countries such as Kuwait and the Middle East. READ ALSO: Working in Kuwait as Domestic Helper? Get Approval of Sponsor First – PH Embassy Recently, the Kuwaiti market has begun to employ [...]

Arrival and Departure Guidelines for Residents of Kuwait

The Directorate-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) issued the following advice to airlines on Kuwait travel based on a decision by the State of Kuwait’s Council of Ministers and health authorities. With a new set of guidelines in place, both citizens and expats are required to adhere to the rules set by the government to ensure [...]