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How to Submit a Labour-Related Complaint in Kuwait

All workers in Kuwait reserve the right to submit a grievance or a complaint to their employer and to the Labour Relations Department. Do note, however, that those working in the domestic services, such as chauffeurs and maids, are not covered by any particular code (public/private sector), and will have to depend on general principles [...]

Expats Cannot be Deported if Firm is Non-existent - Interior Ministry

Even as the country seeks to remove the kafala system, cases of abuse and exploitation are still evident right at the point where migrant workers are lured in by agents of human trafficking – individuals or companies. ALSO READ: Gov’t Discovers New Case of Human Trafficking Involving Filipino Female Workers Such cases put migrant workers [...]

[Update] Preliminary Investigations Reveal ‘Natural Cause’ of Filipina Maid’s Death

With tensions and a growing alarm felt over the past few days between the Philippines and Kuwait following the report of another OFW death, allegedly in the hands of her employer, officials from both sides are taking precautionary measures to ensure that the situation would not blow out of proportions. ALSO READ: OFW Dies in [...]

PH, Kuwait Closely Work to Probe Maid’s Death

In recent light of the news regarding yet another gruesome death of a Filipino domestic worker, officials from both countries are conducting thorough investigations as to what has actually transpired, in order to prevent yet another crack in the diplomatic ties between the Philippines ad Kuwait, as to what has happened just last year. ALSO [...]

OFW Kuwait Constancia Dayag

More than a year since official ties were almost cut off by the Philippine government with Kuwait over the death of an OFW, whose body was found inside a freezer in an abandoned apartment in the Gulf State, another case surfaces, but the repercussions of another ‘lone’ incident bears far more weight than the last [...]

[Update] Preliminary Investigations Reveal ‘Natural Cause’ of Filipina Maid’s Death

During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims all over the world perform acts of charity such as alms-giving and donating to foundations to help support the poor. ALSO READ: How to Behave during Ramadan: Do’s and Dont’s And while this is a tradition that is even taken advantage of by other people, the Kuwaiti government [...]

Work and Office Timings for Public and Private Sectors in Kuwait During Ramadan

As the holy month of Ramadan officially began in Kuwait last May 5 (Sunday), citizens and residents are concerned regarding the office and work hours set by their companies as well as for the private sector, in case government services will be needed by the people. ALSO READ: How to Behave during Ramadan: Do’s and [...]

Kuwait Scraps Expat 5% Remittance Bill

With oil prices in the region taking a hit in previous years, investors and stockholders have been on the lookout for other prospects of keeping the industry as well as the Kuwaiti economy afloat. ALSO READ: Gov’t Targets to Roll Out VAT at Start of Fiscal ’21-’22 Other than infrastructure projects such as the ambitious [...]

Gov’t Imposes Labour Ban on Expats from 20 Countries

In the government’s bid to regulate the entry of foreign workers in the country and to promote allocation of jobs in both public and private sector for citizens, a number of initiatives dealing with residency and professional requirements have been set in place. However, considering the political situation of a country and its diplomatic ties [...]

Interior Ministry Clamps Down on over 120,000 Residency Violators in Kuwait

As the government is keen on addressing the country’s demographic imbalance and labour allocation in favour of its citizens, concerned ministries and departments are also doubly working hard in tracking residency violators who have long been in the country illegally. ALSO READ: Govt’s Proposal Aims to Force Expats to Leave to Receive Indemnity This move [...]