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Death Penalty Looms for Suspect in Pinay Rape Case in Kuwait – Kuwaiti Envoy

Not too long after the unsettled case of the domestic helper who died in the Gulf State in May, another issue springs out, once again testing bilateral relations of the Philippines and Kuwait, as well as the political will of the Gulf State regarding worker’s rights protection and its justice system. A newly arrived OFW [...]

no more red ribbon ph kuwait

Filipinos in Kuwait who may have a need for public documents such as Special Power of Attorney, Affidavits and other documents, to be legally acknowledged or consularized, can no longer seek for this service from the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait , as the government has applied some changes on this regard. On May 14, 2019, [...]

Manpower Authority to Restrict Files of Companies that Fail to Pay Salaries on Time

Where labour issues are concerned in Kuwait, the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) is the primary authority that attends to these. And while there are many issues to be addressed in terms of labour practices and manpower allocation, the issue concerning delay in salaries hits workers (both locals and expats) the worst because there are [...]

Pinay Recruiter Tells Workers to Take Smaller Pay or Leave Kuwait

Finding work locally or overseas should not be a question of legality if all parties understand their roles and rights under a common law. However, this scenario can get a bit vague when it comes to working overseas because policies can be bent by unscrupulous individuals to take advantage of those who are on the [...]

The case over the death of a Filipina domestic worker in Kuwait, who was allegedly raped and then brutally murdered, has yet to be closed, and yet another incident involving a Filipina domestic worker being abused comes up on the headlines once again. Despite efforts by the Philippine government to establish a memorandum of understanding [...]

5 OFWs in Kuwait Die of Stroke, Brain Aneurysm in Span of Two Weeks

It’s common knowledge that having a healthy body enables a person to take on more opportunities not only at work, but in life in general. ALSO READ: The Cost of Healthcare in Kuwait However, despite its significance, many people still neglect taking care of their own health because of putting other things first, such as [...]

Several Construction Firms, Workers in Kuwait Ignore 11 am to 5 pm Work Ban

The summer season is here once again, but in places with extreme climates such as those in the Middle East, Kuwait included, regular work can be hazardous in itself when done in these extreme temperatures. ALSO READ: 5 OFWs in Kuwait Die of Stroke, Brain Aneurysm in Span of Two Weeks While it’s a standard [...]

Gov’t to Implement New Systems in Renewal and Transfer of Residence among Private Sector Employees

As the government continues to implement restrictions to curb the number of expat employees not only in the public sector but also in the private sector, new systems are continuously being introduced to meet the national programme’s (Kuwaitization) goals and to address the disparity in worker and resident demographics. ALSO READ: Number of Non-Kuwaiti Employees [...]

Number of Non-Kuwaiti Employees in Gov’t Dropped – Economic Affairs Minister

With the government’s national programme to boost employment among Kuwaiti nationals already on track to hitting its goal by 2023, a different picture in terms of manpower composition is expected to come in trickles as months pass by. ALSO READ: Kuwait Assembly Committee Eyes Total Kuwaitization by 2023 However, whether this would mean better for [...]

Philippines, Kuwait Hold Bilateral Talks Anew

A few weeks ago, the Philippines and Kuwait once again found themselves in a familiar situation, which almost permanently marred the relations of the two, mainly due to an incident involving the death of a Filipina domestic worker in Kuwait. ALSO READ: PH and Kuwait Closely Work to Probe Death of Filipina Maid Constancia Dayag [...]