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Govt’s Proposal Aims to Force Expats to Leave to Receive Indemnity

Following the government’s discomfort over the fact of the ever-growing expat communities in the country to date, lawmakers are hard at work in coming up with measures and legislation to enforce some kind of control over this phenomenon, which they claim is robbing the citizens the opportunity to work. ALSO READ: Massive Gov’t Campaign Targeting [...]

Gov’t Tightens Visa Approvals on 6 Nationalities, Plans to Impose Job Tests for Expats

With the issue on the ever-widening gap between the local and expat communities in the country, it’s almost quite impossible to expect any decision from the government that would benefit expat communities in terms of residency in the country, at least not in the near future. This supposition comes with the other recent major decisions [...]

Kuwait Panel Upholds Decision to Increase Private Sector Annual Leave to 35 Days

Employees based overseas and even those back home often get excited to know just how many leaves they get to avail from work in a year. This is in consideration of the public holidays as well as the other leave benefits they accumulate during their tenure at work in the company. Who wouldn’t be excited [...]