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Gov’t Targets to Roll Out VAT at Start of Fiscal '21-'22

For the longest time, the Middle East has been a top prospect among foreign jobseekers from all parts of the world, mainly due to the fact that they earn tax-free income, among others. ALSO READ: Gov’t Passes Bill to Tax Expats 5% on Remittances However, with the burgeoning troubles faced by the oil industry, which [...]

Lawmakers to ‘Push Hard’ for Passing of VAT before June

With talks circulating around how most GCC countries are now looking to adopt the value added tax system after Saudi Arabia and the UAE have managed to do so, all eyes are now on the remaining member states including Kuwait. For the longest time, the Middle East has been one of the top destinations for [...]

Anti-Expat MP Calls for Taxing Foreign Nationals

Anti-Expat MP Calls for Taxing Foreign Nationals

With talks over the government’s preparation for imposing value added tax (VAT) on goods and services in the country, legislators are keen on setting policies affecting the labour force, which is heavily comprised of foreign nationals particularly in the private sector. The goal is to even out manpower allocation in the labour force and achieve [...]

No Direct Tax to be Placed on Kuwaitis, Expats

Over 200,000 Citizens, Expats Banned from Traveling

Many foreign nationals are enticed to travel and work in Arab nations because for the longest time, these countries were known to be the only exception from tax systems in the modern world. However, all this changed (or at least was poised to change) when representatives from each GCC countries signed the value added tax [...]

Kuwait gears up to implement VAT in 2018

In a bid to preserve economic stability, governments in North Africa and the Middle East are already exploring new taxation systems to increase national funds and assets, according to experts at the Chamber of Commerce last Dec. 17. Mr. Alok Chugh, a tax advisory specialist from Ernst and Young (EY) revealed that as part of [...]