Kuwaiti Sponsors Deny Abuse of Filipina Maids

Months after the memorandum of understanding (MOU) had been signed by both the Philippines and Kuwait, we still hear news of abuse of domestic helpers.

And while these accusations have yet been legally proven, the stories that come along with it are harrowing nonetheless. The basic problem with this kind of cases is that oftentimes (though not all), foreign employers view their maids or house help as creatures far less than them.

Kuwaiti Sponsors Deny Abuse of Filipina Maids

Kuwait Sponsors Accused of Torturing Filipina Maids

Once again, the Filipino labour file has shown this ugly truth, as a lawyer hired by the Philippine Embassy lodged a complaint accusing a Kuwaiti man and wife of torturing two Filipina domestic helpers under their employment, after they had sought help from the embassy, as shared in a report by Al-Rai Daily.

However, upon interrogation, the couple denied the allegation and accused one of the housemaids of absconding after stealing KD 1,000.

The embassy’s lawyer had also reported the case at the police station, and shared that the two workers have been subjected to physical torture, and were burned with sharp objects as supported by medical reports. The two workers were referred to the Forensics department as investigations regarding the case are still on-going.

In other related news, an Egyptian who wanted to get back at his Filipino wife, who had sent him out of the house, allegedly took her personal items as well as her jewellery.

In a complaint filed by the wife at the Ahmadi police, she told authorities that she had driven her husband out of the house because she does not want to be with him anymore. The woman added that as her husband went to their bedroom to take his belongings, he also took some of her personal effects. When she tried to call her husband, the man wouldn’t pick up his phone anymore.

After the woman had reported the incident and disclosed details of her husband, she also filed a theft case against him.

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