How to Apply for a Change of Address for Expats in Kuwait

For the purpose of updating the government’s civil registry files, expats must file for every change of their address or place of residents in Kuwait. Just as expats would have to file a request for a change of sponsor; they, too, should apply for change of address through the concerned government agency in case they decide to move out or change residence.

This usually happens for expats who’ve stayed in the country for a long time, and then get transferred to a new work location and residence as part of their career development or transition. If you fall under this category or in any situation which necessitates a change in your residential address, then you will have to take note of this important procedure in the Gulf State:

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Applying for a Change of Address for Expats in Kuwait


  • Two (2) recent (4 x 6) colour photographs of the applicant in clear background (must be without eyeglasses and not in military uniform)
  • A copy of the passport of each family member. The passport should include the pages for the basic information, residency,
  • The original and a copy of the lease contract where the applicant and his/her family stays at whether it be in a traditional house or with a Kuwaiti family
  • For applicants living in a traditional household: a copy of the civil ID of any member of the family living in the same household
  • For applicants living with a Kuwaiti family: a copy of the civil ID of the owner of the house.
  • If the applicant resides in a government-sponsored residence: A letter from the applicant’s employer to support the request to change address
  • In case the applicant cannot come in person for the application, a power of attorney from the Ministry of Justice.


  1. Go to the Public Authority of Civil Information HQ at the Resident’s Office, First Floor of Zahra, and submit all the requirements.
  2. Fill out the service application form available on-site.
  3. Pay the service fees due (KD 5.250).

Smart Card acquisition Fees:  KD 5.00

Envelope: KD 0.250

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