Filipina Domestic Helper Receives 26 Kg Illegal Drugs, Arrested by Kuwait Police

A Filipino national was apprehended in Kuwait with 26 kgs of Larica powder. The Filipina was born in a Gulf region.

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An investigation is being carried out with the aim of locating the supplier of illicit drugs as well as those who are the masterminds behind drug trafficking in the region.

Filipina Domestic Helper Receives 26 Kgs of Illegal Drugs, Arrested by Kuwait Police
Credits: Arab Times Online

Pinay DH Receives 26 Kg of Illegal Drugs, Arrested by Kuwait Police

According to sources, Kuwait Drug Enforcement received information about a package containing drugs that arrived in the country. Furthermore, the recipient of the parcel was a Filipina working as a domestic worker, the Arab Times Online reported.

Authorities apprehended the maid at her employer’s home in a follow-up operation, and the drugs were discovered in her possession. Meanwhile, the sponsor was unaware that the worker was a drug dealer. Police are conducting further investigations to ascertain the identity of the Filipina who sent the package.

Penalties in Kuwait for illicit drug possession, use, or trafficking are serious, with convicted criminals facing lengthy prison terms and heavy fines.

Individuals arrested in Kuwait for criminal violations are usually taken to the public prosecutor within two business days to decide if there is ample evidence for an investigation, and they can be held for up to thirty days without formal charges being filed.

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