MP Donates $10K Aid to Family of Foreign National Victim of Self-Immolation

Despite differences in nationalities, some people just throw unconditional support to others who are more in need than they are, especially for those who have been victims of injustice even in other places.

While these people may seem too good to be true, there are, in fact, people like them who commit their work and judgment based on the values they were taught and trained as a person.

MP Donates $10K Aid to Family of Foreign National Victim of Self-Immolation
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Family of Foreign National Victim of Self-Immolation Given $10K Aid by Kuwaiti MP

Kuwaiti MP Khalaf Dumaitheer has recently donated $10,000 on top of a monthly salary to the family of the Lebanese national George Rozaiq, who burned himself to death outside of his children’s private school in his own country, as shared in a report by the Kuwait Times.

Of note, Rozaiq committed self-immolation as a form of protest over disallowing his daughter to receive a score sheet because he has not paid for her school fees yet. As per reports, Rozaiq died in hospital after sustaining 90 percent burns on his body.

In other news, The Ministry of Education (MoE) administrative affairs sector called on assistant undersecretaries to prepare and submit lists of expat teachers, social workers, and office porters to be included in the replacement plans so that organized measures could be taken at least three (3) months prior to cancelling their contracts.

Of note, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) had tapped the MoE in November to revoke the contracts of over 1,100 expat teachers and administrative staff members and replace them with Kuwaiti nationals.

Following the news of privatising some of the ministries in the country such as the ministry of service, other ministries that have begun this move since last year are now looking to further the steps required to help achieve Kuwaitization in the country, under the order of the government.

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