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Jobs in Kuwait September 2015

If you’re looking for a job in Kuwait, here are the vacancies available this month of September 2015. Please pass to friends/family looking for jobs!

kuwait jobs 2015

*Alshaya Group – https://kuwaitofw.com/jobs/alshaya-group/
*General Electric – https://kuwaitofw.com/jobs/general-electric/
*Al Futtaim Group – https://kuwaitofw.com/jobs/al-futtaim-group/
*Marriott Hotel – https://kuwaitofw.com/jobs/marriott-hotel/
*Chalhoub Group – https://kuwaitofw.com/jobs/chalhoub-group/
*Commercial Bank of Kuwait – https://kuwaitofw.com/jobs/commercial-bank-of-kuwait/
*Kuwait Airways – https://kuwaitofw.com/jobs/kuwait-airways/
*Jumeirah Group – https://kuwaitofw.com/jobs/jumeirah-group/
*Oil & Gas Industry – https://kuwaitofw.com/jobs/oil-and-gas-industry/
*Rotana Hotels – https://kuwaitofw.com/jobs/rotana-hotels/
*IKEA – https://kuwaitofw.com/jobs/ikea/
*Hilton Hotel – https://kuwaitofw.com/jobs/hilton-hotel/
*EMC – https://kuwaitofw.com/jobs/emc/
*CISCO – https://kuwaitofw.com/jobs/cisco/

For more job updates, facebook.com/KuwaitOFW