2 Egyptians Arrested for Kidnapping Attempt of Filipina

When people, especially Filipinos, enter Kuwait for work or residence, one of the major things they need to adjust to is the people’s culture as well as the laws under Islamic rule.

One of the things residents are wary of is getting into sexual relationships outside of marriage as this is deemed punishable by Islamic laws. The same rule also applies to expats and people of different religious background. Violating laws in Kuwait can hold foreign nationals due for imprisonment, or worse, even deportation.

2 Egyptians Arrested for Kidnapping Attempt of Pregnant Filipina

Attempted Kidnapping and Abortion of Unwed Filipina Thwarted

In relation to this, an Egyptian man had been arrested by police authorities in his attempt, along with a friend, another Egyptian national to kidnap his Filipino girlfriend, and get rid of a baby born out of wedlock, as shared in a report by the MENAFN.

According to the report, police officers responded to a distress call from a Filipina who pleaded for help as her Egyptian boyfriend was trying to kidnap her.

Upon arrival at the scene, authorities were able to arrest the Egyptian and his friend who was helping him get rid of the newborn child.

Because of the attempted kidnapping of the Filipina along with her child in an attempt to get rid of the result of their unlawful relationship, the woman’s boyfriend and the other Egyptian were both charged of first degree murder, as the two confessed their intent to get rid of the newborn child in an undisclosed area.

Based on Article 194, people who engage in consensual sexual relationship outside of marriage may be imprisoned for 3 months up to 6 years.

And while getting into a relationship is up to the individual’s own free will, there are certain limitations as to how this is accepted and viewed by public. And as residents in a foreign country, it is our duty to comply with the laws of the land, otherwise we shall be subjected to the provisions of the law regardless of our race or nationality.

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