How to Renew Kuwait Visa Online

With almost the rest of the world is shut in their homes right now, foreign residents in Kuwait are carefully evaluating the coronavirus situation, as no movement in the country means not having to work (for some) and their residency status might also be compromised in the time being.

Earlier last week, the Interior Ministry announced that expats do not have to pay fines if their residency visa expires during the official shutdown when all public sector institutions are not working. However, given that there is no certainty with the current situation, having one’s documents renewed and sorted out accordingly is still an important consideration for expats in the country. 

How to Renew Kuwait Visa Online
Screengrab of the MOI website

Step-by-Step Guide in Renewing Kuwait Visa Online 

The good thing about this is that this process can be easily done online. Here’s how:

Part of the guidelines is to renew one’s health insurance:

1. Go to the Ministry of Health’s official website. This is where you can renew your health insurance in Kuwait, which is one of the basic requirements for renewing your Kuwait visa.

2. After you’ve logged onto the MOH website, click the E-services tab then select All Services

3. From this point on, you will be required to log in with your credentials. If you do not have an account yet, you will need to create a new one. All you have to do is to supply it with all the required details.

4. After you log in with your credentials, you will be directed to a new page. Look for ‘Category’ then click on ‘Personal Insurance’. For the ‘Type of Residence’, select the option that applies to you or for the person whom you will be renewing their health insurance for. Be sure to provide accurate information only so that you won’t encounter any issues later on.

5. After renewing your health insurance, you are now qualified and may now proceed to renew your visa status.

After you’ve settled your health insurance in the country through the MOH website, you can now go to the Ministry of Interior website to file for the renewal of your visa status in Kuwait.

How to Renew Kuwait Visa Online
Screengrab of the MOI website

1. Go to the Ministry of Interior’s official website. Click the E-Services tab, then the General Department of Residency. Select the ‘Renew Residency Tab‘ then click Individual.

2. Once you’re on the Individual Residency Renewal page, you will be required to log in with your User ID and password. If you do not have an account yet, you will need to register for one.

3. After successfully logging on to the system, you will be directed to the Residency Renewal Page. Here you will find your existing information such as your name and Civil No.

4. If there are no violations reflected under your record, just click Continue. But if you have any, you will be required to settle everything first.

5. Input the duration of your stay along with your mobile phone number then tick the box under it then hit submit.

6. The next step is to pay for the visa renewal service. Before you proceed though, be sure to review all the information provided as this will be verified with your records in the system. If everything is in place, click Agree to proceed to payment. 

7. You can now pay your visa online. You will be issued a printable receipt by the system for record purposes. 

8. Next, click the Renew Civil ID tab.

The final step to renewing your visa status in Kuwait is to renew and obtain your Civil ID to be issued by the Public Authority for Civil Infomation (PACI). Here’s how: 

1. Visit the PACI website to renew your civil ID.

2. Click ‘I Agree’ to continue.

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and Click ‘Card Renewal.’

4. Input the verification code and the Civil ID number then hit ‘Enquiry’.

5. To proceed with your Civil ID renewal, you will be required to obtain certain documents. After you’ve provided these documents, you will then be asked to go to

6. You will be directed to another page where you will see different government services. Choose the option Renewal Service for Non-Kuwaitis. This service only applies for the renewal of the civil ID information for non-Kuwaitis such as changing a photo. 

7. Provide the information required such as your Civil No. and Serial Number then click submit. 

8. Next, you will need to provide your mobile number because the system will send you a verification code through this number. Once you receive the verification code, you will need to input it on the website to verify your identity.

9. Once the system accepts the verification code, you will be directed to another page. You will be asked to attach certain documents for the renewal of your Civil ID. Click Continue once you’re done. 

10. After you’ve submitted your application along with your requirements, you will be given a transaction receipt that you can take a picture of or print.

11. Once your application has been reviewed and accepted into the system, you will be requested to pay a certain amount for the transaction. 

Here is an instructional video posted by EljanTV/YouTube on how to apply for Kuwait Visa Renewal online:

Renewing your visa in Kuwait has been made much simpler and straightforward now that everything is done online. And while the government has announced that they won’t be charging fines for those who are not able to renew their residency visas considering the current lockdown situation due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s still important for expats or foreign residents to be familiar with this process because as soon as the situation returns to normal, the government will look into your records and if you are not able to renew your visa status on time, you may be charged with a fine for overstaying or illegally staying in the country. 

Through the online visa application/renewal service, an expatriate or a representative of the company (mandoub) where they work for, can fill out the form for renewing residency or obtain a visit permit online and will eliminate the need to submit a printed application at the residency renewal department, which can be troublesome for others at times.

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