Civil ID to Replace Iqama Stickers as Proof of Residency

Recently, the government has announced that it will be officially scrapping the use of iqama stickers on foreign nationals’ passports in its bid to combat abuse of power by those who will have benefit from obtaining these documents as sanctioned by the kafala (or sponsorship) system.

Meanwhile, all affected residents will be required to present another similar comprehensive document while working or staying here in Kuwait in accordance to the applied changes as their official proof of residency.

Civil ID to Replace Iqama Stickers as Proof of Residency
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Gov’t Announces Civil ID as Official Residency Document with Srapping of Iqama Stickers

In an announcement released by the Ministry of Interior on March 6, the government has officially scrapped the use of residency (iqama) stickers on expats’ passports, noting that all the needed data can be retrieved on the residents’ Civil IDs, which will be considered as proof of residence for expats, as shared in a report by the Kuwait Times.

The announcement, as confirmed by Director-General of the Residency Affairs Department Brig Abdulqader Al-Shaaban, will be put into effect starting March 10.

Of note, the decision does not cover holders of Article 14 (temporary residence visas) as well as those who have received their residency stickers before the resolution has been implemented.

Furthermore, Shaaban explained that foreign nationals in Kuwait will not be allowed entry into or exit from the country unless they possess a valid passport and a civil ID issued by the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI).

In the event that a civil ID has been lost during travel, the same procedure for the replacement of a lost passport must be performed.

PACI Director General Musaed Al-Assousi explained that expats are required to visit the website that serves as a link between the Interior ministry as well as the PACI through which the expat’s data can be updated, and information can be gathered as to the processing and issuance of the Civil ID.

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