Where are the Best Places to Live as an Expat in Kuwait?

Kuwait, in contrast to what some people think about it being a desert country in the Middle East, is actually one of those places where expats live and work for quite some time now. Filipinos, for example, have been working and living in this Gulf state since the mid-90s when oil production and construction work were at their peak in the region, including in the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

As of 2020, over 240,000 Filipinos have been reported to reside in Kuwait, the majority of which are migrant workers, and domestic workers account for 60% of the total. With these figures, you can imagine that most if not all Filipinos have a very good reason to stay here for several years, some even decades. Not only that, but the expat population accounts for more than half of Kuwait’s total population. With this in mind, we will identify in this guide the places where most expats choose to reside here in the country. Do you have any guesses? Well, keep reading until the end to find out what these places are!

Where Do Expats Opt To Live In Kuwait?

Where Are The Best Places To Live As An Expat in Kuwait?

If you’re looking for work in the country, you might have a good use for this information. Why? Because if you know where most expats live, you might have an idea (more or less) on where your services might be needed. So, let’s get started with the list of the best places for expats to live here in Kuwait.

Kuwait is a great place to be an expatriate. Around two-thirds of the workforce in the country are foreign nationals. This makes it a great place to find people from all walks of life and have new experiences from what each culture offers.

Al Ahmadi

Where Are The Best Places To Live As An Expat in Kuwait?
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The Ahmadi Governorate is a part of the Kuwait City Metropolitan Area. It is famous for its British architecture and its greenery.

Ahmadi is a major part of Kuwait’s economy as several of its oil refineries are located here. The residential areas in this area include Abu Halifa, Riqqah, and Mangaf.

It was home to many British expats in the 1950s and 1960s. The town layout was similar to that of the original layout, with streets having numbered names and positions.

The town was made up of various avenues and slopes, and its main street ran across the hill. The upper echelons of the KOC would have their rank determined by this street.

The Hubara Club was located within the town’s central area. Its employees would use this complex every day to meet and chat. Towards the bottom of the hill were banks and a cinema.

Ahmadi consists of Abu Halifa, Al-Ahmadi, Al-Eqaila, Daher, Fahaheel, Fintas, Hadyia, Jaber Al Ali, Mahboula, Mangaf, Riqqa, Subahiya, Sabah Al-Ahmad Sea City, and Wafra.


Where Are The Best Places To Live As An Expat in Kuwait?
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Located in Kuwait, the city of Jabriya has a population of 66,056. The area’s main hospital is the Mubarak Al-Kabeer Hospital. Other medical institutions are also located in the area.

Jabriya is divided into 12 blocks with two blocks each forming A and B parts. There are more than a dozen schools in this area, many of which are large enough to house many foreign workers.

Jabriya is a large suburb in Kuwait’s Hawalli Governorate. It is bordered by various other areas such as Salmiya, Surra, Bayan, and Hawally. This location has a large number of Kuwaitis as well as expats.

This area is also home to some of the finest hospitals and medical organizations in Kuwait. Aside from these, it also has numerous educational institutions.


Where Are The Best Places To Live As An Expat in Kuwait?
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Salmiya is a city in Kuwait’s Hawalli Governorate. It is divided into 12 blocks and has a large number of residential areas and commercial establishments. The area’s interior has a large Indian sub-cultured population.

Facilities: Numerous attractions include the Salmiya Museum, the Salmiya Scientific Center, the Roman Catholic Chapel, a football stadium, a medical center, an IMAX movie theater, and a well-equipped park. There are also various prominent malls in the area.

The Salmiya Center is a major shopping district in Kuwait City. It’s located on the outer blocks of Salmiya Center. This district used to be a haven of souk bazaars.

This area used to be known for its gold and jewellery stores, but nowadays it has a variety of boutiques and department stores. The feel and atmosphere of the old souk still remain present in some portions of the city.

There are many shops along the strip that are worth looking into. If you’re after gold and fabric goods then look no further than Old Souk.

Salmiya has been a model district for modernization. Its commercial real estate boom has raised the district’s profile. This is primarily due to the increasing number of establishments in the Gulf Road area.

History: The arrival of foreigners in Salmiya dates back to the 1960s. Following the Gulf War, the area was ravaged by the Iraqi occupation, but it was rebuilt and repopulated by the end of the 1990s. It is now a well-developed commercial district with high-rise apartment buildings and shops.

Transportation: Some of the major roads leading to Salmiya include the 4th Ring Road, the 5th Ring Road, and the Gulf Road. Public transportation companies operate bus routes in Salmiya.

Education: There are various educational institutions in Salmiya. One of these is the American University of Kuwait, which is only a few kilometers away from Salmiya Centre.

There are also schools that cater to the Arab and Pakistani communities in Salmiya. Some of these include the Pakistan School and College, the Indian Community School, and the Indian Public School.


Where Are The Best Places To Live As An Expat in Kuwait?
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Salwa is a residential area in Kuwait City. It has a population of around 40,000 and is located in a largely residential area. It is home to many prominent establishments such as The British School of Kuwait and The British School of Kuwait.

Salwa is a municipality located in Kuwait’s Hawalli Governorate. It’s mainly composed of residential areas that are home to various Asian, European, and American communities.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the most populated places expats here in Kuwait reside. Of course, as you can imagine, where expats are, development is expected. Well, that is true, and in terms of the cost of living, these places are also up there on the list. If you are new here in Kuwait, you might not easily get to work in these places, but over time, and through your connections in the community, you might find opportunities for work in these places, too. Also, hopefully, by then, you are financially stable, just so you can keep up with the costs of living here while you work.

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