Professional Skills Development Offered in Kuwait

As the country now has new standards when it comes to hiring workers, especially foreign nationals in the country, there is much demand for highly- or advanced skilled workers in the country, which could ultimately spell whether who gets to stay or go back home… perhaps for good.

That being said, professional expats and even long-time residents need to be up to date with their certifications and skills for a higher chance of retention or employment in the Gulf State. This is a natural thing all over the world, but in order to be up to date, residents need to undergo training and certifications, which, frankly, aren’t as common in Kuwait as they are in other parts of the world.

Professional Skills Development Offered in Kuwait

Here’s Where to Gain Advanced Professional Skills in Kuwait

There are a few trade schools in Kuwait, which offer training programs for individuals who want to stand out amid the sea of people seeking jobs in the market, as shared in a report by the Kuwait Times.

Trade institutions are established to provide vocational education or technical skills training required by the job market whereas post-secondary education and vocational schools are traditionally distinguished from four-year colleges by their focus on job-specific training to students who are typically bound for one of the skilled trades, rather than providing academic training for students pursuing careers in a professional discipline.

According to Ms. Jenny Reyes, the director in charge of operations at the International Institute of Computer Science and Administration (ICSA Kuwait), the ICSA hones students who are passionate about self-improvement, She notedt that many of their students are adult learners, but they also welcome students as young as 13 years, and of various nationalities. She said, “We aim to empower our learners with modern essential skills to make them competent and job ready or to improve their chances of career growth.

However, local training courses such as those offered by the ICSA are facing growing competition from online workshops and training as well as pop up workshops. Nowadays anyone who wants to learn to code can teach themselves online through a variety of free or very affordable options.

Similarly, there are also many other professional skills which include typing, graphic design, computer skills, computer repair, web development and design, motion graphics, as well as AutoCad among others, which can be learned online. Management courses offered by globally recognized universities are also increasingly available online for self-starters interested in growing their professional skills and development.

There are even online degree programs available to motivated self-learners for obtaining bachelor degrees or other post graduate degrees and diplomas (though these are not yet recognized in Kuwait).

Meanwhile, those seeking for local workshops and courses can find an increasing number of pop up classes hosted by local community organizations, businesses and cafes in animation, media, drawing, graphic design, claymation, calligraphy, writing and more.

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