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domestic workers

Kuwait Sees Sharp Decline in Expat Population and Domestic Workers

According to recent figures from the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM), there has been a drastic decrease in the number of domestic workers in the country, which is akin to a “mass exodus.” The authority also noted that more than 83,000 residency permits were cancelled within two months due to expiration, non-renewal, or workers leaving [...]

Gov’t Agencies Expected to Lay Off 3,000+ Expats by New Fiscal Year

Following the 5-year timeline set by the Kuwaiti government to realize its goal of bringing in more nationals into the labour force, new measures are being introduced to cut down the number of expats working in both the public and private sectors. Some of these measures include raising qualifications and requirement standards, adding documentary requirements [...]

Gov’t Discovers New Case of Human Trafficking Involving Filipino Female Workers

A large part of the number of foreign nationals that enter Kuwait are foreign domestic helpers. That being said, the government has attempted various measures to ensure that the entry of this population into the country remains safe and protected. However, as the number keeps increasing it becomes a bit more challenging for authorities to [...]

India Signs Labour Agreement to Send Domestic Workers to Kuwait

After the Kuwaiti government has expressed interest in outsourcing domestic workers from Ghana and as of late last year, ironed out a new contract system for domestic helpers coming from the Philippines, the Arab nation is now looking to further expand their labour resources to other Asian nations in the field of domestic work. Amid [...]

The Directorate-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Engr. Yousef Al-Fawzan has provided concrete steps and instructions to provide assistance to domestic workers who have been stranded for several hours even up to days and months upon arrival at the Kuwait International Airport. In line with this issue, a dedicated window booth has been opened at the [...]

GCC Nations to Establish Common Policy to Benefit Domestic Workers

Due to the recent reports of abuse and call for decent and humane treatment of domestic helpers by countries sending manpower to the Middle East, representatives from five member nations of theGulf Cooperation Council (GCC) have met to discuss plans to establish a regional system concerning the management of domestic workers, according to the Minister [...]

After over two months of stalemate between the Philippines and Kuwait, a draft agreement has been reached to regulate the services of domestic helpers in the Gulf State, according to a Kuwaiti official last March 16. According to Foreign Consulate Affairs Undersecretary, Sami Al-Hamad, the draft which had been signed on the same day transpired [...]