Kuwait Airport Offers Assistance to Stranded Domestic Workers

The Directorate-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Engr. Yousef Al-Fawzan has provided concrete steps and instructions to provide assistance to domestic workers who have been stranded for several hours even up to days and months upon arrival at the Kuwait International Airport.

In line with this issue, a dedicated window booth has been opened at the Kuwait International Airport to offer assistance to the migrant workers who have not been properly received or ‘abandoned’ by their sponsors at the airport for more than eight (8) hours upon arrival. Furthermore, the sponsors or labour agencies involved in this type of issue will be fined accordingly.

Image Credit: Tariq Khalil Farekh

Kuwait Airport Offers Aid to Stranded Domestic Workers

The DGCA issued a statement to make it clear to the sponsors and labour agencies that it is their responsibility to receive the migrant workers at the scheduled time of their arrival at the airport and to provide them food, adequate housing, and other amenities, as agreed upon. However, this has not been the case for many domestic workers who have been forced to stay at the airport for several hours, others days and even up to months. According to Engr. Al-Fawzan, such cases will be taken care of, and that the ‘stranded’ domestic workers will be provided with adequate food and will be given suitable accommodation through the help and services of a contracting company.

The decision has been made due to the number of repeated incidents involving distressed domestic workers neglected by their sponsors and/or labour agencies.

Engr. Al-Fawzan announced that the DGCA will post a tender to get the services of the company that can offer the best services suitable for the distressed domestic workers in Kuwait. Al-Fawzan emphasized that the Kuwait International Airport is not a hotel and that the situation must be resolved soon through the organized efforts of all parties involved.

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