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Phil Embassy Reminds Filipinos to Avoid Posting Unacceptable Videos on Tiktok and Social Media

The Philippine Embassy called on the Filipino community in Kuwait to observe common laws and traditions in the Gulf State and to be mindful of the cultural and religious sensitivities of Kuwaitis. The timely reminder comes weeks before Muslims observe its Holy Month of Ramadan. Also, the call to Filipinos comes in line with the Kuwait government’s [...]

Kuwait Do’s and Don’ts

Few Things to Note with the New Residency Scheme in Kuwait

Going for work overseas can be a challenging thing, especially for first time overseas Filipino workers (OFW) who lack the general knowledge and background of the country they will be residing in. As in the case of Kuwait, we know that it is a country located in the Middle East. And being an Arab nation, [...]

For those of you who are non-Muslims or are from a country practicing a different religion, it’s important to have some general working knowledge as to how major celebrations like Ramadan are being observed in Muslim countries, especially when you’re based here in Kuwait. Ramadan represents the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar and [...]