Health Insurance Requirement on Short-term Visa Holders to be Imposed before Ramadan

Earlier this month, the government has expressed intention of limiting the number of short-term visa holders in the country by imposing a health insurance requirement.

This came about a month after the government has decided to waive placing additional health insurance fees for those on dependent visa visiting Kuwait. And while this may seem confusing at first glance, there is a subtle difference between the two initiatives.

Health Insurance Requirement on Short-term Visa Holders to be Imposed before Ramadan
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Gov’t to Enforce Health Insurance Requirement on Short-term Visa Holders before Ramadan

The initiative to impose additional health insurance requirement to those visiting the country, as per the government, aims to curb the entry of beggars on visit visas as well as to limit those entering the country for medical purposes, as shared in a report by the Kuwait Times.

In relation to this, both the government and lawmakers have decided to impose the new health insurance requirement within two months before the holy month of Ramadan, when the demand for visit visas typically increases.

Furthermore, as Ramadan is a special time for Muslims to extend their charitable acts to the needy, the government does not want to for people to take advantage of this season to benefit from the help offered by religious citizens, which ultimately promotes the practice of begging, which the local authorities have been trying to address in recent years.

As the Ramadan season approaches, many Muslims are looking forward to visit Kuwait once again to celebrate the holy month for Muslims, as well as to reconnect with their roots.

For expats and other foreign nationals, it’s important to look at the government’s decisions to impose laws in light of what the country is going through and what they want to achieve.

As an important reminder, visitors must understand the local practices observed during the Ramadan season, as well as to uphold civil behaviour so as not to offend the people or even get into trouble.

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