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human trafficking

Expats Cannot be Deported if Firm is Non-existent - Interior Ministry

Even as the country seeks to remove the kafala system, cases of abuse and exploitation are still evident right at the point where migrant workers are lured in by agents of human trafficking – individuals or companies. ALSO READ: Gov’t Discovers New Case of Human Trafficking Involving Filipino Female Workers Such cases put migrant workers [...]

Five Wanted for Human Trafficking Operations in Kuwait

In the government’s bid to regulate entry of foreign workers in the country through the newly adjusted immigration protocol, authorities are now after those responsible for bringing in foreign nationals to work as labourers but only to leave them without jobs upon entering the country. This scheme is also among one of the reasons why [...]

Gov’t Discovers New Case of Human Trafficking Involving Filipino Female Workers

A large part of the number of foreign nationals that enter Kuwait are foreign domestic helpers. That being said, the government has attempted various measures to ensure that the entry of this population into the country remains safe and protected. However, as the number keeps increasing it becomes a bit more challenging for authorities to [...]

Domestic Helpers Advertised on Instagram from KWD 15 to KWD 250

Authorities from the Domestic Labour Department have arrested an Ethiopian national who speaks the Kuwait dialect fluently, for allegedly posting an advertisement on Instagram regarding the availability of Asian and African housemaids for recruitment, with fees ranging from 15 KD to 250 KD on a daily or monthly basis, as shared in a report by [...]