Here are the New Conditions to Refund Fees for Kuwaitis, Domestic Helpers on Belsalamah Platform

Domestic workers and Kuwaiti residents have a special procedure on the Belsalamah platform that allows them to seek a fee refund after signing up for a new contract at a domestic labor recruitment office. The website outlined different processes for getting your payments refunded up to KD 490.

If the sponsor changes his mind and cancels the domestic worker’s employment, an online application must be made. After that, you must contact the customer support department of National Aviation Services (NAS).

Here Are the New Conditions to Refund Fees for Kuwaitis, Domestic Helpers on the Belsalamah Platform
Credits: PNA

Belsalamah Platform Observes New Conditions to Refund Fees for Kuwaitis, Domestic Helpers

If the refund for PCR test fees is requested shortly before the first PCR test, there will be no service fee, the Arab Times Online reported.

The amount of the reimbursement varied depending on where the recruiting was at the time the refund was sought.

The website outlined the following methods for refunding costs – up to KD 490 – for a contract with a domestic worker from the Philippines:

  • If the sponsor decides to cancel the worker’s recruitment, he must fill out an application online and then contact National Aviation Services’ customer care (NAS).
  • No service fee will be levied if a refund for PCR test fees is requested before the first PCR test is performed.
  • The amount that will be repaid once the recruitment procedures have begun varies based on the stage of the recruitment process when the refund request was made.

If the recruitment is canceled or the reporting date is changed as a result of a positive PCR test, the total amount will be reduced by 10%. Because the sponsor will be responsible for both the PCR test and the Muna transaction fees, this sum will be given to him.

When Jazeera Airways and Kuwait Airways Corporation cancel flights within 72 hours, the carrier should not charge the passenger rebooking costs. In the meantime, NAS will cover the costs of flights that are canceled due to unforeseen situations.

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