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Over 20,000 Expat Residency Permits Cancelled – Ministry

With the government’s imposed transition to the use of Civil IDs over residency stickers on expat passports, its goal to address the issues that come with the sponsorship (kafala) system, is slowly being realized. Along with this, the government’s nationalisation programme is also taken into consideration. This has been the goal in reviewing workers’ residency [...]

Few Things to Note with the New Residency Scheme in Kuwait

As Kuwait transitions to going fully online when it comes to processing transactions, especially with matters managed by the government, the new iqama process has recently been implemented to benefit citizens, both expats and nationals. However, this move does not come without a few fine tuning adjustments, as explained by government officials and as expected [...]

Civil ID to Replace Iqama Stickers as Proof of Residency

With the proposal to eradicate the kafala system, which has been a hotly criticized topic in the Middle East by rights groups, the government is now exploring ways on how to progressively prepare authorities as well as its citizens regarding this important development. For many years, the sponsorship (kafala) system has been a hot topic [...]