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Gov’t to Implement New Systems in Renewal and Transfer of Residence among Private Sector Employees

As the government continues to implement restrictions to curb the number of expat employees not only in the public sector but also in the private sector, new systems are continuously being introduced to meet the national programme’s (Kuwaitization) goals and to address the disparity in worker and resident demographics. ALSO READ: Number of Non-Kuwaiti Employees [...]

Number of Non-Kuwaiti Employees in Gov’t Dropped – Economic Affairs Minister

With the government’s national programme to boost employment among Kuwaiti nationals already on track to hitting its goal by 2023, a different picture in terms of manpower composition is expected to come in trickles as months pass by. ALSO READ: Kuwait Assembly Committee Eyes Total Kuwaitization by 2023 However, whether this would mean better for [...]

Gov’t Increases Hospital Fees to Push Expats to Visit Private Clinics

As the government pushes for a more homogeneous society – addressing the population imbalance between foreign nationals versus citizens, which is currently at 70-30 respectively, various government bodies are adjusting their procedures and systems to accommodate the direction the national government is headed for. ALSO READ: Gov’t Passes Bill to Tax Expats 5% on Remittances [...]

Gov’t Passes Bill to Tax Expats 5% on Remittances

For many years, expats including overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) have eyed the Middle East for the attractive salaries and benefits the countries offer, not to mention the no-tax rule in GCC member nations. However, with plans to impose a value added tax scheme in countries such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Kuwait, things are [...]

Foreign Banks Struggle to Kuwaitize Jobs up to 70%

In accordance with the national initiatives looking to level out manpower allocation across various industries in the country, private companies including foreign banks have expressed challenges as to realizing the goals set by the government. This shows the readiness (or the lack) of the industries as well as society in general in terms of running [...]

Lawmakers Frown Over Dominance of Some Expat Communities in Kuwait

The Kuwaiti government addresses varying positions of lawmakers regarding population imbalance, labour control, and immigration policies. Just recently, the government pushed a landmark decision to scrap the use of iqama (residency stickers) on expats’ passports to be replaced by data on resident’s Civil IDs, to which was met with positive feedback not only by lawmakers [...]

Lawmakers Frown Over Dominance of Some Expat Communities in Kuwait

Since its conception back in 2017, the government’s Kuwaitization initiative hasn’t received much concrete proof even in terms of projected numbers up until this time. However, 2019 is proving to be a year of more actions as there have already been efforts from ministries in realizing the government’s goal to localize all of its sectors [...]

Panel Passes Labour Law Amendments in Favour of Expats in Kuwait

Along with its plans to “Kuwaitize” its public and private sectors, the government is also now looking at initiatives on how to restructure the state’s organisation, and resolve deficit problems, and cut down on expenditures. These efforts are all aimed at organizing the state’s administrative structure, and then resolve other problems regarding labor and manpower resources and [...]

Kuwait Celebrates 3-Day Holiday for National and Liberation Day 2019

Despite being an almost ideal country for expats, Kuwait, being an Arab country is still far from the heaven expats hope it would be. As a country, it also faces challenges in providing jobs for its local manpower resources; hence the term Kuwaitization. Also, one of the most controversial aspects of working in a country [...]

Is Kuwait Finally Shutting Expats Out?

Is Kuwait Finally Shutting Expats Out?

The next seven years will see a significant drop in the number of expats living in the country when the Kuwaiti government finally executes its plan to balance the demographics of its residents as shared in a report by the Kuwait Times. ALSO READ: Program to Evaluate Need for Expat Workers Approved The government’s legal [...]