Gov’t Announces New System in Renewal & Transfer of Residence for Private Sector

As the government continues to implement restrictions to curb the number of expat employees not only in the public sector but also in the private sector, new systems are continuously being introduced to meet the national programme’s (Kuwaitization) goals and to address the disparity in worker and resident demographics.

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As the programme continues to push through, in varying terms and scale, long-time expats in the country are feeling the pressure to decide whether staying in the country will suit their interests in the long term.

Gov’t to Implement New Systems in Renewal and Transfer of Residence among Private Sector Employees

New Renewal & Transfer of Residence System for Private Sector Workers

In line with this, the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has announced that it is working on establishing new controls for work permits, renewal of residence, and transfer of family visas to work in the private sector, as shared in the report by Arab Times.

According to the report, the decision is aimed at organizing employment and adjusting the population structure, mainly by way of setting the age limit at 65 years for the renewal of residence of expatriates in certain specialties, or to adopt what is in force in government bodies — ending services of employees when reaching the age 65.

The 65 years of age limit, though, does not apply to certain professions that do not require manual labour at work, such as lawyers, consultants, doctors and some other important disciplines, noting that the controls include legalization of the transfer of the family visa to the private sector including if the husband is Kuwaiti.

The application of this new system will greatly affect those who have been working in the Gulf State for some time already, and have devoted a great deal of effort and sacrifice to build their careers in the private sector, in compliance with the demands and requirements of their employers at the time of their hiring.

Meanwhile, those who were able to finish their contract or work in the country within five years will be eligible to receive a termination indemnity equivalent to 15 days compensation for each year completed, and a 30 days compensation for each year completed for workers that worked for more than 5 years, but it is limited to one and a half year’s remigration.

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