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National Day

Kuwait Lights Up Ahead of Nat’l Day Celebrations

February marks an important time here in Kuwait as some of the biggest national holidays fall during this period. It is for this reason that citizens are keen on preparing activities and festive events to welcome the national celebrations. And as in most countries, Kuwait, too, has its own way of showing its national day [...]

Gov’t Tightens Visa Approvals on 6 Nationalities, Plans to Impose Job Tests for Expats

With the list of public holidays for 2019 already released, citizens have been looking forward to their vacation leaves and here in Kuwait, the first and perhaps a few of the most important historical holidays are set early in the year. The first public holidays of the year are set in February: National Day (February [...]

Last Jan. 25, a campaign was launched in commemoration of Kuwait’s national festivals and anniversaries which carries the theme “sagacious people and faithful leader” led by none other than Kuwaiti Information Minister Al-Jabri. Minister Al-Jabri, who is also Chair of the permanent committee in charge of organizing national anniversary celebrations, presented the official campaign logo [...]