Kuwait National Days Campaign Promotions Already In Full Swing

Last Jan. 25, a campaign was launched in commemoration of Kuwait’s national festivals and anniversaries which carries the theme “sagacious people and faithful leader” led by none other than Kuwaiti Information Minister Al-Jabri.

Minister Al-Jabri, who is also Chair of the permanent committee in charge of organizing national anniversary celebrations, presented the official campaign logo in the presence of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Jamad, prominent cabinet members, the Royal family, as well as the people of Kuwait during the event.

National Days Campaign: A Call for Solidarity and Nationalism

The campaign logo represents the value and significance of wisdom and sound judgment in Kuwaiti people’s lives. These values, time and again, have been dutifully exemplified by His Highness the Amir when dealing with internal and external matters which concern the State, and have helped solidify Kuwait’s status in the region and the rest world, as explained by Minister Al-Jabri.

He also pointed out that Kuwait, as an independent nation, has positively extended its reach and influence to solidify global peace and security efforts not to mention the role it played in bridging the gap in humanitarian affairs, as recognized by the United Nations. Just recently, the State of Kuwait has been designated by the UN as a Humanitarian Center under the leadership of His Highness the Amir.

Anywhere in the world, Kuwaitis come together to celebrate National holidays in the spirit of nationalism and solidarity.

Plans to promote national values during national events and festivities have been on top of the agenda of the permanent committee especially for the upcoming 57th National Day, Liberation Day, and the 12th-year anniversary of His Highness the Amir’s reign as well as the Crown Prince designation of Sheik Nawaf, the Minister shared.

Minister Al-Jabri called on to strengthen citizenship values under a civil and tolerant environment as well as to place priority on the people and the nation’s interests above all else. He also added that as most of the national festivities will overlap with a flurry of regional and international activities, the younger generation will play an important role in upholding Kuwait’s status as an abode of safety, security, and stability, just as their forefathers have built it to be.

Minister Al-Jabri appealed to promote serious national involvement to develop a legacy of nationalism, tolerance and compassion, as well as to renounce the culture of fanaticism in order to fully establish the foundations of Kuwait as a modern nation.

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