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PACI Recommends Opening Service Centres for Expats Similar to Citizens’

As the issue surrounding residency stickers and civil IDs has resurfaced recently, government authorities were alarmed to look into the system once again and to remedy parts of the process where expats are facing trouble with when conducting transactions at banks or when checking in at airports abroad. This has proven to become a persisting [...]

Immigration Woes Continue to Haunt Expats with New Civil IDs

The government’s move to scrap the use of residency stickers on passports and to replace it with Civil IDs has proven to be more challenging than it is beneficial for resident expats in the Gulf State because there seems to be miscommunication with relevant departments and facilities that typically use these documents for regular transactions. [...]

Expats in Kuwait Can Now Correct their Names on Civil ID Online – PACI

With the introduction of electronic services within the Interior Ministry, the government has begun scrapping the use of residency stickers, and upgrading the use of the Civil ID issued by the government to residents of Kuwait – a change which has been adopted by expat residents, as part of their compliance with the law. However, [...]

MoI Denies Any Upcoming Amnesty for Visa Violators; PACI Urges Expats to Review Registration Records

In line with the scrapping of residency stickers, and implementation of the use of the updated Civil ID data, the government continues to remind concerned residents to make sure that their residency information is up to date in order to avoid any difficulties during their stay in the country. Also, with the newly set protocol [...]

PACI Opens a New Branch for Civil ID Collection

Last Sunday (October 28), the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) announced its plans of opening a new branch in Fahaleel Cooperative Society to accommodate more than one million citizens and residents within the Al-Ahmadi governorate according to a report by the Arab Times. ALSO READ:  How to Renew Your Civil ID in Kuwait According [...]