Kuwait Finance House Launches XTM Banking Service in the Avenues

The Kuwait Finance House (KFH) has launched XTM, a new and innovative approach to banking services in Kuwait. This development is in line with KFH’s commitment to introducing innovative ways to integrate technology in delivering the highest standards in banking and service quality.

In a statement released by KFH Group Retail Chief and Private Banking Officer, Waleed Mandani, in the presence of Group CEO Mazin Al-Nahedh and other executive management officials at the Avenues Mall, the unique and innovative service [XTM] enables clients to perform their transactions and avail various banking services within minutes, using a modern method employing advanced tools which include audio and visual communication options, as well as conference calls with KHF staff who are always ready and available to take in customer queries and concerns.

Image Credit: KFH Website

KFH Introduces XTM in the Avenues

Mr. Mandani added that XTM is available24/7. The XTM allows clients to perform the following activities such as:

  1. Opening a bank savings account, which is a unique service solely offered by KFH to their customers;
  2. Opening deposits;
  3. Performing balance inquiry and checking account statements;
  4. Processing cheque and cash deposits;
  5. Transferring funds between accounts instantly;
  6. Processing instalment payments to the bank; and
  7. Cash withdrawal of up to KD 5,000 on top of other services supported by KFH Shamel ATMs

Mandani hinted that KFH is also looking at offering gold accounts and issuing banking card services in the near future.

Furthermore, Mandani proudly announced that the newest service by KFH had received a patent when it was used in KFH-Turkey back in 2013. After receiving overwhelming reception in Turkey, KFH will now apply this service here in Kuwait after all regulatory documents have been settled.

As of now, KFH will be opening two (2) XTM Mini-branches with all of its remarkable features at the Avvenues Mall and at the Fyaha branch.

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