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Kuwait Guns to Make Longest Flag World Record

In the country’s build up for its national celebrations, the government will aim to make a new feat that would cement its position on the world map (and on the world record list). This is a great way to promote camaraderie and nationalism as achieving this feat would instill a great sense of accomplishment for [...]

Foreign Nationals Arrested for Sex Trade in Kuwait

One of the few reasons why the Kuwaiti government is clamping down on foreign nationals on visit visas is the fact that some of them take advantage of the system to commit illegal activities in the country. With the government’s bid to level out the labour force in the country through the Kuwaitisation initiative,it is [...]

Anti-Expat MP Calls for Taxing Foreign Nationals

With talks over the government’s preparation for imposing value added tax (VAT) on goods and services in the country, legislators are keen on setting policies affecting the labour force, which is heavily comprised of foreign nationals particularly in the private sector. The goal is to even out manpower allocation in the labour force and achieve [...]

Interior Ministry Debunks General Amnesty Rumours

Perhaps for many foreign nationals working overseas, one of the most important news they can receive is that of general amnesties offered by the government. Not only will this be a big help for those with pending cases and violations with concerned ministries, but this (sometimes) will also present opportunities for them to go back [...]

Additional Health Insurance Fees for Dependent Visa Waived

Applying for dependent visa in Kuwait just got easier, as soon paying for government services and fees can be done online much like for standard services such those offered by the Public Authority or Civil Information (PACI). Furthermore, a change in the requirements for applying for this type of residency visa will soon be enforced [...]

Gov’t Activates Online Health Insurance System for Expats

In line with the government’s bid to digitize services offered by the ministries, new systems and innovations are being set into place which aim to expedite the delivery of services offered by the government not only to expats but also to all of its citizens. Among these services include the issuance and renewal of driving [...]

Kuwait Celebrates 3-Day Holiday for National and Liberation Day 2019

With the list of public holidays for 2019 already released, citizens have been looking forward to their vacation leaves and here in Kuwait, the first and perhaps a few of the most important historical holidays are set early in the year. The first public holidays of the year are set in February: National Day (February [...]

Over 200,000 Citizens, Expats Banned from Traveling

With its vision of organizing a fair system of taxation to be adopted in the country for both citizens and expats, the government is also monitoring those who have gained a bad standing with the law and applies the necessary consequences of their actions – one of which is through a travel ban. This is [...]

Online Housing Application Services Launched by Gov’t

With the country’s vision to expedite processes and transactions, especially with the services offered by the government, more and more ministries in Kuwait are adopting new systems for rendering their services to the citizens. From applications and renewals of documents such as driving licenses to residency permits; now housing application services are also to be [...]

India Signs Labour Agreement to Send Domestic Workers to Kuwait

After the Kuwaiti government has expressed interest in outsourcing domestic workers from Ghana and as of late last year, ironed out a new contract system for domestic helpers coming from the Philippines, the Arab nation is now looking to further expand their labour resources to other Asian nations in the field of domestic work. Amid [...]