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Gov’t Enacts New Agreement with India for Entry Visas

For the longest time, the Indian expat community has formed a large part of the country’s total population, along with a variety of other expat groups. While this has been viewed by the government as one of the main issues it needs to deal with over the course of the next five years, the diplomatic [...]

Number of Filipinos Leaving Kuwait on the Rise

The Middle East has always been among the top places overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) go to for employment through the years. Kuwait, along with the UAE and Saudi Arabia, comprise the countries with the most number of OFWs, mostly domestic helpers, in the Middle East to date. However, as political and economic factors come into [...]

Three Engineers with Forged Documents Arrested

Looking at the direction where the government is taking its processing of work documents and residency transactions, we can see the merits and importance this change has been doing to society in general. Other than filtering quality workers, curbing illegal recruitment, as well as cases of abuse and injustice, the digitalized method of processing transactions [...]

Education Ministry Posts Teaching Vacancies Online; Expats Can Apply

With the manpower and labour force in Kuwait moving towards a more evened out landscape, many citizens look forward to be given jobs, which expats used to hold. However, at this point, it’s quite evident that what the resources on hand offer does not match the demand needed in certain sectors, such as in the [...]

Foreign Banks Struggle to Kuwaitize Jobs up to 70%

In accordance with the national initiatives looking to level out manpower allocation across various industries in the country, private companies including foreign banks have expressed challenges as to realizing the goals set by the government. This shows the readiness (or the lack) of the industries as well as society in general in terms of running [...]

Ministry to Establish Visit Visa Duration Based on Applicant’s Financial Status

In the series of immigration adjustments which involve tighter requirements and higher travel fees, a latest addition has been announced by the Kuwaiti government particularly concerning foreign nationals planning to visit Kuwait. While this seems to align with the government’s bid to control the number of expats in the country, especially in preparation for the [...]

MoI Denies Any Upcoming Amnesty for Visa Violators; PACI Urges Expats to Review Registration Records

In line with the scrapping of residency stickers, and implementation of the use of the updated Civil ID data, the government continues to remind concerned residents to make sure that their residency information is up to date in order to avoid any difficulties during their stay in the country. Also, with the newly set protocol [...]

Over 1 Million Expats in Kuwait Have Driving Licenses, but No Vehicles

Driving is a special skill which has great use anywhere in the world.  And for some expats, driving is a skill which is required of them in order to have better chances of landing a job in Kuwait, or anywhere in the world for that matter. However, even if a foreign national has a driving [...]

Gov’t Reports Renewal of Residence Permits of 12,000 Domestic Workers in 2 Days

In line with the government’s decision to eliminate the need for residency stickers which causes long queues at immigration departments in various governorates, expats in Kuwait have begun to update their information details on their civil IDs, which will replace the requirement for residency stickers to be used to enter or exit the country from [...]

2 Egyptians Arrested for Kidnapping Attempt of Pregnant Filipina

When people, especially Filipinos, enter Kuwait for work or residence, one of the major things they need to adjust to is the people’s culture as well as the laws under Islamic rule. One of the things residents are wary of is getting into sexual relationships outside of marriage as this is deemed punishable by Islamic [...]