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With Massive Exit of Expats in Kuwait, Apartment Tenancy Goes Down

Considering the stricter regulations imposed on expats in the country, in line with the government’s nationalisation scheme, Kuwait has become one of the least preferred destinations for work among skilled expats. Considering this, it’s not surprising to note that even expats already in the country are leaving in large groups, vacating posts both in the [...]

Professional Skills Development Offered in Kuwait

As the country now has new standards when it comes to hiring workers, especially foreign nationals in the country, there is much demand for highly- or advanced skilled workers in the country, which could ultimately spell whether who gets to stay or go back home… perhaps for good. That being said, professional expats and even long-time [...]

Gov’t Expects to Achieve Equal Number of Citizens, Expats in 5 Years’ Time

Since 2017, the government has launched a number of initiatives which aim to level the number of expats versus nationals in the country, especially in the labour force. These initiatives fall under the government’s nationalisation scheme known as Kuwaitization, which initially aimed to accomplish its goal by 2023. However, this work apparently takes more time [...]

Kuwait Airways Forge Partnership Deal with Dutch Flying Car Manufacturer

At the rate of how technology is progressing today, we can expect that some of today’s problems will soon be effectively solved through new technologies across various sectors including health, safety and security, as well as transportation. If we really think about it, much of the technological advancements that we have today have only been [...]

Gov’t Clamps Down on Residency Permit Trafficking by Introducing Mandatory Tests for Expats Changing Professions

Residency in Kuwait has been an embattled uphill climb for many expats ever since the nationalisation programme was conceived in 2017. And while this may appear like an outright attack on foreign nationals, most of whom have been living in the Gulf State for many years already, the truth of the matter is, there is so [...]

Nat’l Assembly Upholds Law on Stateless People in Kuwait

There are a number of issues being addressed by the Kuwaiti government at the moment, but there are still those that have lingered for quite some time, and have not been directly tackled by national leaders as in the case of bedoons (or stateless people living in Kuwait). These people, who are classified as illegal [...]

Gov’t Agencies Expected to Lay Off 3,000+ Expats by New Fiscal Year

Following the 5-year timeline set by the Kuwaiti government to realize its goal of bringing in more nationals into the labour force, new measures are being introduced to cut down the number of expats working in both the public and private sectors. Some of these measures include raising qualifications and requirement standards, adding documentary requirements [...]

Expats in Kuwait Can Now Correct their Names on Civil ID Online – PACI

With the introduction of electronic services within the Interior Ministry, the government has begun scrapping the use of residency stickers, and upgrading the use of the Civil ID issued by the government to residents of Kuwait – a change which has been adopted by expat residents, as part of their compliance with the law. However, [...]

Filipina Shot by Kuwaiti with Airgun

Working in a foreign country such as Kuwait requires foreign nationals to be aware and abide by the laws that govern their society. However, there may be laws that specifically benefit nationals than foreign residents. However, in cases where violation of another person’s rights or well-being are involved, the justice system will still have the [...]

stay at home moms salary

In a country where marriage seems like a ticket to a more secure and stable lifestyle, it’s quite surprising to find out that there are growing divorce rates in the Gulf State. As the government continues to address issues that affect the country’s economic stability, there still seems to be other fundamental problems taking place [...]