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December 2017

kuwait fireworks

Planning where to head out on NYE here in Kuwait? For those who haven’t been to the Arab emirate; Kuwait, just like in most parts of the world, also welcome the New Year with fireworks, midnight gatherings, and sumptuous feasts either at the comfort of one’s home or in a fancy hotel or restaurant. If [...]

The Cost of Healthcare in Kuwait

Living in a foreign country may seem flashy and dreamy on the outside until you actually pay attention to the nitty-gritty of living overseas. As an expat, you may find yourself in hard-pressed situations particularly when it comes to availing healthcare, which, in reality, is a big deal to every single one of us. So, [...]

2017 hasn’t officially come to an end yet, but there’s already much anticipation for 2018 as it will be the banner year for the country’s biggest aviation show with the Kuwait Aviation Show to be held at the Kuwait International Airport from Jan 17 – 20, 2018. The event acknowledges the increasing importance of the [...]

Kuwait gears up to implement VAT in 2018

In a bid to preserve economic stability, governments in North Africa and the Middle East are already exploring new taxation systems to increase national funds and assets, according to experts at the Chamber of Commerce last Dec. 17. Mr. Alok Chugh, a tax advisory specialist from Ernst and Young (EY) revealed that as part of [...]

Driving in Kuwait may not be a ready option for tourists and even longer-staying expats in the country because of the recent changes in the requirements to obtain a local driving license. While there’s always public transportation in buses available, a good alternative for your point to point travels in the country would be the [...]

Things to Know Before Working in Kuwait

Kuwait is one of the choice destinations for expats all over the world, including overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). However, like any place in the world, Kuwait has its own unique culture and employment set-up which every aspiring OFW should get to know first before leaving the country and accepting a contract. There are certain things [...]

Common Rules and Laws to Follow in Kuwait

It is common practice to do a little research about any place you intend to visit or move to. Following the common rules and laws in any country will help you avoid incurring fines or worse- getting penalized that even your own embassy can do nothing about. Here, we will give you the rundown of the [...]

Why Work in Kuwait

Despite being a small Arab country, Kuwait is one of the more popular locations for expats to move in for work and to build a career. This is backed by the fact that almost two-thirds of Kuwait’s population is comprised of expatriates from various parts of the world. Now, if you’re wondering what makes Kuwait [...]