3 Useful Transportation Booking Apps to Get Around in Kuwait

Driving in Kuwait may not be a ready option for tourists and even longer-staying expats in the country because of the recent changes in the requirements to obtain a local driving license. While there’s always public transportation in buses available, a good alternative for your point to point travels in the country would be the use of taxis through ride-booking apps.

While Uber hasn’t found its way yet in the State of Kuwait, here are some common ride-booking apps available in the country as of the time being.

3 Common Ride-booking Apps in Kuwait

Image Credit: Q8 Taxi Facebook Page
Image Credit: Q8 Taxi Facebook Page
  1. Q8 Taxi

This is the one of the earliest ride-booking services made available here in Kuwait. The app works with local street taxis in the city so it charges pretty cheap compared to others. If you’re simply looking for convenience and a no-fuss no-frill cab ride then this app is just what you need.

Image Credit: Careem Facebook Page
Image Credit: Careem Facebook Page
  1. Careem

This is probably the closest thing to Uber in the country as of now since it is also considered as Uber’s main competion in the region. If you’re familiar with Uber’s system where it is accessible, then you can easily work your way through this app with no problem. What’s nice about Careem is that it lets you schedule airport rides and it gives you the ride later option, not to mention their reliable and extensive private car network.

Image Credit: Grand Limo Faebook Page
Image Credit: Grand Limo Facebook Page
  1. Grand Limo

If you like your rides sleek and fancy, then this app is for you. While it certainly costs more than your regular street cabs, the price sure is worth it as you are given VIP treatment with their polite and professional drivers, clean and stylish vehicles complete with unique luxury and safety features such as free use of an iPad and open access to Wi-Fi for your entertainment on-board (think games and Netflix), a built-in camera system to monitor your ride as well as for your loved ones all throughout, and convenient payment terminals within the vehicle for credit card or Knet transactions if you opt not to bring cash among others.


Going around Kuwait is now made easy through the use of these ride-booking apps. Whether you’re still processing your papers to obtain a license to drive your own car in the city or are simply enjoying the convenience and accessibility of ride-booking services to get around the city, riders are guaranteed a safe and comfortable experience when travelling here in Kuwait. As a final tip, it’s best to download more than just one app so you have other means to get around when your preferred means of transportation experiences a technical issue.

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