Three Filipinas Face Deportation for ‘Wild Partying’ in Kuwait

Three Filipinas are to be deported from Kuwait after they have been caught to be part of a group of revellers inside an apartment which have been raided by Kuwaiti authorities, as shared in a report by the Arab Times.

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The arrest of the involved Filipinas as well as several cross dressers came after the Operations Room of the Ministry of Interior received a complaint from a tenant of the building who was being inconvenienced by the “wild partying” of the group in their apartment.

Three Filipinas Face Deportation for ‘Wild Partying’ in Kuwait
Image Credit: The Arab Times

Wild-partying Pinays to be Deported from Kuwait

When the Salwa police arrived on the scene, they found six Kuwaitis, three Filipinas, and several cross dressers involved. And while the Filipinas are now faced with deportation as sanctioned by Kuwaiti law, the involved Kuwaitis have been released after they signed a pledge of good conduct and promised not to get involved in such activities in the future.

And while full details of the story have not been revealed as of press time, partying in Kuwait is not exactly illegal but there may have been other factors considered by the police to impose deportation on the Filipinas involved.

Three Filipinas Face Deportation for ‘Wild Partying’ in Kuwait
Image Credit: Radiant Guy/Flickr

Being in a Muslim country where certain laws and customs are observed, it’s important for foreign nationals to always be in their best behaviour. Furthermore, getting in trouble with the law in Kuwait or in any country for that matter does not put an expat in a good position no matter how you look at it.

Furthermore, the involved Filipinas, especially in the company of their Kuwaiti friends should have known better not to cause a ruckus especially in a residential establishment where other people are enjoying their personal space, safety, as well as privacy.

Let this be an important reminder for all expatriates and Filipinos in general to be mindful of their behaviours – always exercising courtesy and respect to everyone whatever the circumstances they’re in.

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