Best Shopping Malls in Kuwait

When you’re in the commercial districts of Kuwait, it’s a no-brainer that you need to check out their shopping malls as this is one of the most common pastimes of the people here, both tourists and locals alike. There are plenty of great finds here in Kuwait from neat home fixtures to designer label clothes and perfumes to jewellery collector’s pieces.

Whether you just want to go out for a cool stroll or watch a hot movie, there are plenty of shopping malls you can go to whenever you’re in Kuwait. Here are some of the newer and fancy shopping malls in Kuwait:

8 Shopping Malls You Must Visit in Kuwait

Image Credit: Al Fanar Mall FB Page
  1. Al Fanar Shopping Mall

You can’t help but appreciate this three-storey shopping complex’s unique architecture. If you’re near Salem Al-Muharak Street of Salmia, you have got to pay this one a visit. This shopper’s haven houses some of the trendiest boutique shops such as Gucci, Godiva, Claire’s, B&O, Marie Claire and River Island, MAC, and Tiffany. The aesthetic landscape work inside the mall gives it a cool and relaxed ambience for guests and mall-goers.

Image Credit: Al Hamra Mall FB Page
  1. Al Hamra Tower Mall

When you’re in downtown Kuwait, you can’t miss this shopping spot as it is located within a 1353 ft-high skyscraper, the Al Hamra Tower. That’s not the only thing fancy about this mall. This 250,000 sq. ft. of commercial space is also home to several high-end retail brands such as Hermes, Vera Wang, and Versace Café among others.

Image Credit: Shafimon Ummer‎
  1. Al Kout Mall

If you happen to be in the Fahaheel District and are looking for a great place to chill or to catch up with friends over coffee, you have got to check out Al Kout Mall. Despite having over 150 stores and restaurants, you’ll be surprised at how quiet and relaxed the place is. There are also plenty of things to do with the family here. Don’t be surprised to see people set up picnic mats on the lawn and children playing sport on grassy patches outside of this waterfront shopping haven.

Image Credit: Al Muhallab Mall FB Page
  1. Al Mohalab Mall

If you love going to the mall, then this one will make your visit worth your time. The first thing you’d notice about the Al Mohalab Mall is perhaps its unique shape reminiscent of the Titanic. The mall has everything you need for your dose of retail therapy, dining adventure, and family bonding time.

  1. Kuwait Magic Mall

Nestled in Abu Halifa, a small town near the sandy beaches of Fahaheel District, Kuwait Magic Mall brings a classy fusion of style and elegance to the area as it brings a wide array of dining, retail and entertainment options for guests of all ages.

Image Credit: The Avenues Kuwait FB Page
  1. The Avenues Mall

Considered as one of the biggest malls, if not the biggest in Kuwait, the Avenues is host to at least 850 stores and unique services spread out in seven districts which both locals and tourists can enjoy. The Avenues can be located along the Fifth Ring Road, in the Al-Rai Industrial area.   The mall has been divided in four phases with the first one launched in 2007, and the fourth phase expected to be launched during the first quarter of 2018.

  1. Gold Souk

First-timers here in Kuwait will be in for a treat when they visit the Gold Souks. As the Middle East is famous for being the place to buy gold jewellery; Kuwait, in particular, is famous for high-quality gold ornaments. Whether or not you are ready to purchase some, paying a visit to the glittering gold souks is a must because these stores not only offer gold, but also diamonds, platinum, and sometimes, even silver.


  1. Villa Moda

This mall, if it can still be called that, is perhaps one of the fanciest and most exclusive places where the richest of the rich in Kuwait splurge. In recent studies, it was found out that guests spend, on average, at least $600 for each trip to Villa Moda. And why not? This 23,000 sq. ft. shopping emporium made of see-through glass houses top of the line designer labels which include Fendi, Gucci, Prada, Bottega, Dolce and Gababana, Veneta, Miu Miu, and Ferragamo among others. Villa Moda is an excellent place for retail therapy as guests can buy designer label items tax-free.

Shopping here in Kuwait isn’t just about finding great items – it is done in such a way that promotes Kuwait’s unique culture and is representative of the people’s lifestyle. Although there’s definitely a shopping mall in almost every city you go to, the above listed are some of the best shopping malls/ attractions that you shouldn’t miss when visiting Kuwait.

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