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Kuwait OFW Shares Simple 3-BR House, Construction Ideas, Improvement Plans

Now that most of the world has been affected by the pandemic, a lot of people including OFWs need to dig deep to realize what they are blessed with: good health, their family is safe, and for others – the opportunity to invest in their own house. In this feature post, we share the achievement [...]

Pinay Nurse in Kuwait Shares Experience in Investing in Land in PH

Wherever a Filipino may be, their reasons for wanting to look for a better job is the same as everyone else: to better provide for the family. To some extent, other nationalities tend to criticize this attribute of most Filipinos. But even if others see it as a weakness, to many OFWs, this is an [...]

pinoy kuwait ofw vlogs house extension katas

It’s no secret that every Filipino dreams of having their own house. Now, if you’ve been watching videos of OFWs sharing their home construction projects, you should know that building a house from scratch, will take millions of pesos – depending on how big you want your house to be. While such will be the [...]