Kuwait OFW Shares Simple 3-BR House, Construction Ideas, and Improvement Plans

Now that most of the world has been affected by the pandemic, a lot of people including OFWs need to dig deep to realize what they are blessed with: good health, their family is safe, and for others – the opportunity to invest in their own house.

In this feature post, we share the achievement of our kababayan who was able to build their own small house, after working overseas and saving up for their dream home.

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Kuwait OFW Shares Simple 3-BR House, Construction Ideas, Improvement Plans
Screengrab of a video posted by Topmix TV / YouTube

Kuwait OFW Builds Simple 3-BR House, Shares Tips on How to Maximize Space, Construction Ideas

OFWs, despite what some people may think, work extremely hard to earn their pay abroad. For some, saving up is not an easy task at all, especially when there are parents to support, children to send to school, and bills to pay.

For these reasons, to save up and to start building a house back in the Philippines, is indeed a huge blessing to be thankful and proud of, no matter how simple your project may be. The important thing here is that you have a roof above your family’s heads, and they are safe and comfortable when they sleep at night. And then, there’s also not minding paying the rent every month. Because of this, you can even save up more or better allocate your resources to other things such as investing in a business to further grow your income.

That said, let’s take a look at this simple 3-door bungalow project of one of our kababayans from Kuwait.

As you can see, the house itself is already constructed and occupied, but there are still things that need to be completed or improved. The OFW can still explore ways on how to maximize the space that they have at home. Right now, their spacious front yard is dedicated to planting crops and garden plants, but it can easily be converted into parking space, should they decide to bring in several cars.

An extension of the house has been created in the backyard, where they have a dirty kitchen and an additional toilet for visitors, who don’t need to go inside the house.

The area is barricaded by a bamboo fence and gate at the time of this writing, and they’re still saving up to build walls around the perimeter of the lot. It is for this reason that they invested in installing metal grilles on their windows, to ensure the safety and security of the people inside the house.

Kuwait OFW Shares Simple 3-BR House, Construction Ideas, Improvement Plans
Screengrab of a video posted by Topmix TV / YouTube

And when you look inside, you’ll notice that the walls need finishing, and the ceiling is still open, but the build of the steel trusses of the roof can assure the tenants that the house is of good quality although still far from finished.

The two bedrooms also only have the essentials, but there’s definitely a lot of room here for improvement. The toilet and living area have tiled flooring, adding sophistication to the interior of the house.

Kuwait OFW Shares Simple 3-BR House, Construction Ideas, Improvement Plans
Screengrab of a video posted by Topmix TV / YouTube

Since it is a bungalow, the house has been designed to extend horizontally, making it an ideal home for a family of up to four members.

Watch the full vlog below:

Indeed, no house is ever “simple” in the eyes of the person who worked hard and invested a large part of their life to build it. For us and other OFWs, remember, getting started is the hardest part, so put your visions and goals into getting past this first obstacle. Then from there, you can build on what you have, and enjoy reaping the fruits of your labor with your loved ones in the future.

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