Pinay Nurse in Kuwait Shares Experience Investing in Land in PH

Wherever a Filipino may be, their reasons for wanting to look for a better job is the same as everyone else: to better provide for the family. To some extent, other nationalities tend to criticize this attribute of most Filipinos. But even if others see it as a weakness, to many OFWs, this is an important source of their strength that drives them to do their best and pursue their goals and dream in life.

Such goals are directed at helping the family to get out of poverty, supporting their siblings, and generally giving them a better life. And to most people, a better life means having their own house, as is the case of our featured OFW in this post.

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Pinay Nurse in Kuwait Shares Experience in Investing in Land in PH
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Kuwait OFW Nurse Shares Tips and Experience in Investing in a Lot for Sale in PH

Nars Lanlan shared unlike some people would assume, investing in a house, for her, as an OFW in Kuwait wasn’t easy at all.

She shared that she is the breadwinner of the family. Therefore, most of what she had been earning (at least for the first two years) from work as a nurse in Kuwait went to her family to support their needs and help send her siblings to school. Not to mention, the placement fee her parents loaned to send her to Kuwait for work.

That said, Nars Lanlan explained that not all Filipinos working abroad can be treated as “cash cows” since some (if not most) of them are also paying debts and fulfilling their duties to help their families in their own ways.

Despite the challenges and the fact that she didn’t come from a well-off family, Nars Lanlan was determined to save up and work hard to achieve her goals for herself and her family.

It was only after two years since she started working when things started to become lighter for her, financially speaking. Her contract was renewed and she was given a raise. Because of that, she made sure to use her added earnings from work on an investment that would benefit them for the long term – and that’s a house.

When she got home for a vacation, she asked her mom to help her look for a housing project in a subdivision within their area that would let them get in-house financing and assistance from Pag-IBIG.

The house they found was 176 sqm wide and was originally priced at around Php 500,000+ if to be paid in cash. But since their mode of payment was in-house financing, the total amount they need to pay was Php 792,000. So, for two years, she needs to pay Php 33,000 monthly for the house.

It’s quite a lot if you think about it. But according to Nars Lanlan, if you have a goal, do everything you can to pursue it.

So for other OFWs who would also like to have their own house soon, Nars Lanlan said to never lose focus on your goals/s and to use your earnings wisely. Saving up is always encouraged but investing in a profitable venture (business) or a property such as your own home is also wise.

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