No Decision Yet on Issuance of Visa on Arrival for Foreigners – Kuwait Gov’t

All expats with valid residency visas can enter Kuwait beginning August 1 if they are completely vaccinated with two doses of vaccines approved by Kuwait’s health administration.

As of now, no decisions have been made regarding the issuing of visit visas upon arrival at the Kuwait airport, whether by sea or land.

Gov’t Still Without Any Decision on Issuance of Visit Visas Upon Arrival for Foreigners
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Visit Visas for Foreign Travellers, Yet to be Approved in Kuwait

According to sources, European passport holders and others will still be denied entry into the country if they merely have Family or Tourist visas, the Arab Times Online reported.

More than 400,000 expatriates bound for Kuwait have yet to board their aircraft because the Health Department demands expats returning to the nation to have two doses of vaccine certified by the department. Moderna, Oxford, Pfizer, and Johnson are among the manufacturers of these vaccinations. These vaccines are difficult to obtain in a number of countries, impeding their return to Kuwait.

Furthermore, the Corona Emergency Committee has yet to release any kind of memorandum to ports and residence affairs about the opening of visas to foreign nationals who wish to visit Kuwait.

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