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In light of the many challenges brought about by the common practice of requiring expats to surrender their passports and other official documents to their sponsor (under the kafala system) by several Arab nations, various petitions have been made over the years by relevant governments as well as labour rights groups to rectify the situation. [...]

It has already been well over a month since the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Philippines and Kuwait has been officially signed, but to this day, not a single household service worker (HSW) has been allowed to leave the country. Despite the signing of the MoU last May 12, and the consequent lifting of [...]


Standing tall on the likes of economic development in various sectors, Kuwaiti economy has been much more than the huge oil and gas industry it harbors. While, the entire gulf deals with an oil-price slump, the Kuwaiti economy seems burgeoning in terms of revenue, reason being soaring capital amounts from global investors. Be it a [...]

Kuwait is one of the countries in the Middle East that many foreign travelers like to visit because of its fine mixture of antiquity and modernity. Travelers love to take snapshots at the different tourist spots that the travel group leaders will show during their rounds and they always get to the best ones around [...]

Today, plenty of Filipinos are lured by the idea of moving to Kuwait. While transferring from the Philippines to a foreign land means detachment from friends and family, moving to this Middle Eastern country can be very good for Pinoys who want to explore and find better opportunities abroad. Of course, relocating to this flourishing country could land [...]