List of Balikbayan Box Cargo Companies in Kuwait

Sending balikbayan boxes from Kuwait has become vital for Filipinos to stay connected to their loved ones back home. Cargo companies recognize its significance and make sending them hassle-free and convenient by providing different sizes, tracking options, and door-to-door delivery. These companies have gained the trust and are now considered a dependable source for shipping to the Philippines, whether it’s for special events or just to show love and to send necessary items. Ultimately, balikbayan box cargo companies in Kuwait help close the distance between families.

In addition to shipping, some companies offer extra services like repacking and consolidation to make the process more convenient for their clients. Despite the fierce competition in the industry, many of these companies have cultivated a loyal customer base by prioritizing customer satisfaction and ensuring timely delivery of balikbayan boxes.


List of Accredited Balikbayan Box Cargo Companies in Kuwait

We have compiled the following list of Balikbayan box cargo companies in Kuwait to make sure you have the best options available for your shipment.

Alfa one logistics Kuwait
Address: Kuwait City, Kuwait
Phone: +965 2249 5943

Brand GPU Express Logistics
Address: 9X99+2PV, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Conor Express Cargo
Address: Old Souq, Salem Al Mubarak St, Salmiya 20012, Kuwait
Phone: +965 6930 0217

DHL Express
Address: GROUND FLOOR، KHALEEJIA BLDG, Kuwait City, Kuwait
Phone: +965 1808 345

Falcon Cargo International CO
Address: Kuwait City, Kuwait
Phone: +965 2241 9095

Fast Logistics company
Address: The View Tower, Arabian Gulf Street, 6th Floor, Salmiya, Kuwait
Phone: +965 2228 0333

FC Logistics, Kuwait
Address: Building 1A, Qibla Block 14 Abu Baker Elsedeek Street Kuwait City, 14000, Kuwait
Phone: +965 6077 8322

FedEx Station
Address: Street 10, Plot No 87, Rezayat Compound Kuwait City, 13066, Kuwait
Phone: +965 2206 9135

Fusion Shipping & Logistics Co.W.L.L.
Address: office No – 35,36,37&38 Waha Mall Farwaniya, Dajeej, Kuwait
Phone: +965 9729 6077

Gazal Logistics
Address: Al Enmaa Towert، Abdullah Al-Mobarak Streer, Kuwait City, Kuwait
Phone: +965 1828 008

Golden International Logistics Group & Golen International Group General Trading Co.
Address: 79 St, Al-Dajeej, Kuwait
Phone: +965 2431 3353

Grand Kuwait International
Address: Floor No 4, Al Hawatef Tower, Ali Fahad Al Duwailah Farwaniya Kuwait الفروانية، 81008, Kuwait
Phone: +965 6761 1335

Address: Boubyan Complex, OFFICE # 27, 29701, Kuwait
Phone: +965 2433 2016

Jeezan Int’l Cargo & Courier Services
Address: Block 7 St 66 Bldg 3 Mez. Floor Office #25, Fahaheel, Kuwait Fahaheel, 47369, Kuwait
Phone: +965 9959 5475

Kuwait Logistics & Freight Co.WLL
Address: 9th Floor, Mubarak Al Kabir Street, Sharq Mubarak Al Kabir Street Near Chamber of Commerce Kuwait City
Phone: +965 2249 0221

LBC Express Inc
Address: Fahad Al-Salem St. Block 13 Shop # 28 Basement Coupon, 1 2,3, Kuwait City, Kuwait
Phone: +965 2205 5731

LTS International Logistic Services Co. W.L.L
Address: Floor7, Burj Al Mustathmir 2 Building Mubarak Al Kabeer Street Kuwait City, 15300, Kuwait
Phone: +965 2221 3545

Makati Express Cargo
Address: Makkah Street, Qais Alghanim Bldg. #1 Mezzanine, Office No. 37 Fahaheel, Kuwait
Phone: +965-23917065 / +965-23917064

Mediacom Express Cargo
Address: Fahad Al-Salem Street, Kuwait City, Kuwait
Phone: +965 9742 1822

Move One Logistics | Moving and Storage 
Address: Kuwait Commercial Bank Building 6th Floor, Office No 204, Sharq Kuwait City, 46742, Kuwait
Phone: +965 6777 7492

Phoenix International Co
Address: Mirgab, Star Tower, Office No 1, Floor 13 Kuwait, 15000, Kuwait
Phone: +965 6567 3653

Pinoy Network Cargo W.L.L
Address: Al-Street Al-Salmiya, Block 9, Building 2115, Salem Al Mubarak St, 20009, Kuwait
Phone: +965 410 18047

SABA Group International, Kuwait
Address: 9X9H+GW6, Abdulla Al Mubarak St, Kuwait City, Kuwait
Phone: +965 2244 2525

Scanda Corporate Solutions
Address: Burj، Al Dera، Mazzinine Floor 3 Ahmad، Al Jaber St, Kuwait City, Kuwait
Phone: +965 2241 9146

Sky Freight Forwarders Inc
Address: Al-Mangaf, Kuwait
Phone: +965 6563 3365

Trico International
Address: Office No-26, Qureisi Complex, Building 39, 85600, Kuwait
Phone: +965 6073 6367

Trinity International Shipping Co.Ltd
Address: Office#10, AL Mounir Complex, Dajeej, Kuwait Kuwait City, 32004, Kuwait
Phone: +965 2220 7713

UAGSCO Shipping & Logistics
Address: Abu Bakr St, Kuwait City, Kuwait
Phone: +965 2246 1660

Yasasa Cargo
Address: Street: Makkah block:11 Fahaheel,Kuwait, Al-Fahaheel, Kuwait
Facebook Page:


Check out this video for tips on how to pack your gifts and items in balikbayan boxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the items that I am permitted to send using a Balikbayan box?

You can include clothing, shoes, toys, electronics, appliances, food items, and personal gifts in your Balikbayan box. Nevertheless, please bear in mind that there may be restrictions on certain items according to customs regulations. It is ideal to reach out to your Balikbayan Box Cargo Company or local customs authorities in advance to avoid any issues.

2. What is the expected arrival time for a Balikbayan box to be delivered in the Philippines?

The amount of time it takes for a Balikbayan box to reach the Philippines from Kuwait depends on factors such as the cargo company, seasonal changes, and the type of shipment. On average, it takes about 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

3. Are there any rules or restrictions for sending Balikbayan boxes?

Please note that flammable liquids, medicines, cosmetics, and other potentially hazardous materials cannot be transported by air or sea freight. It is advisable to check with your local customs or cargo company for a list of restricted items. Also, make sure that all your items comply with local customs regulations and are appropriately labeled and packed.

How much does it cost to send a Balikbayan box from Kuwait to the Philippines?

To find out about the prices and services offered, contact your local Balikbayan Box Cargo Company. Keep in mind that costs may vary depending on the size of the box, the cargo company, and other factors.

5. Is it permitted to include money inside a balikbayan box??

Sending money through a balikbayan box is not allowed. It’s better to use a money transfer service if you want to send money.

6. Do they check Balikbayan boxes?

Customs workers are authorized to inspect a balikbayan box, even if it contains prohibited items. However, they must be accompanied by a representative from the OWWA, an OFW association member, police officers, and a freight forwarder consolidator during the inspection.


This is a list of companies based in Kuwait that send Balikbayan Boxes. It includes their names, addresses, and phone numbers. The list is a useful reference for Filipinos living in Kuwait who want to send packages and items to their families in the Philippines.

This service allows customers to easily compare rates, services, and locations of different cargo companies to select the one that best meets their needs. By utilizing this list, Filipinos residing outside of their home country can conveniently stay connected with their loved ones residing in the Philippines.