Kuwait Municipal Council will Deport Cleaners caught Begging, Penalize Companies Responsible

The Municipal Council of Kuwait announced last September 18 (Tuesday) that it would deport any cleaning worker from cleaning agencies with contracts with the municipality who would be caught in the act of begging in the street or anything contrary to public order, as shared in a report by the Kuwait Times.

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Municipality Director General Ahmad Al-Manfouhi explained that all companies working in all governorates have been duly informed of such regulations.

Kuwait Municipal Council will Deport Cleaners caught Begging, Penalize Companies Responsible

Municipality to Expel Cleaners caught Begging, Fine Companies Involved

Manfouhi further shared that inspection campaigns will be implemented this coming Sunday in coordination with the quartet committee which includes joint teams from the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM), Ministry of Interior (MOI), and the commerce and industry ministry, together with the Municipality.

“These measures were designed to reduce widespread begging by cleaner workers that affects Kuwait’s reputation,” Manfouhi explained.

Meanwhile, Municipal Council Chairman Osama Al-Otaibi clarified that the State of Kuwait has a humanitarian vision and operates within a framework which aims to extending assistance to everyone, whether inside or outside of the country.

In line with this, Al-Otaibi shared that all state agencies in the country are keen in resolving issues relevant to their specialized fields, citing on the Municipality’s efforts in allocating a number of private homes for illegal residents (bedoons), and is prepared, if requested to offer help in any form which serves its purpose.

Officials such as Al-Otaibi bear the responsibility of pointing out important issues to MPs. Doing so will shed light on the situation of illegal residents in order to incite collective effort from all concerned governmental arms, and to hear important suggestions from lawmakers regarding such matters.

It is also good to note that while the government is actively enforcing the laws that protect Kuwait’s societal values and priorities, it also extends humanitarian assistance to where and when it is needed by its residents, regardless of nationality.

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