KD 10,000 Fine to be Imposed on Violators of Fire Safety Regulations

The Deputy Director General for Protection Section in the Fire-fighting General Department Major General Khalid Abdullah Fahad shared that the new fire-fighting law will be enforcing harsher punishments to violators of safety and protection regulations which result to accidents and/or loss of properties as shared in a report by the Arab Times Online.

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According to Fahad, the harsher penalties are necessary because incidents caused by fire have a direct impact on people’s lives as well as their properties. Prior to the revision of the law, the maximum fine implemented is KD 500 which is even paid years after the verdict has been issued to the violator.

KD 10,000 Fine to be Imposed on Violators of Fire Safety Regulations

Damage to Life and Properties Warrant Stricter Punishments – KFSD

Fahad further pointed out that the Protection Sector plays an important role in following up violators and enforcing the law. Fahad explained that the weakness of the penalty system might be among the contributing factors to the incidences of huge fires and loss of properties for the lack of aggressiveness in enforcing safety and security regulations in the state.

Moreover, certain establishments within the state such as those in Dajeej have yet been issued their licenses, shared Fahad. With a license underway, fire-fighting equipment will also be provided since the area is considered a hotspot because of the many governmental buildings, stores, marketplaces, and carpet showrooms that can be located in this area.

Fahad also shared that the new system will link the issuance or renewal of license with fire insurance, as well as the establishment of fire safety and protection offices.

With a new system to oversee the safety and security of Kuwait’s citizens, as headed by the KFSD, we can only hope for better governance and quality of life in the Gulf State.

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