Video: Domestic Helper Dances and Pulls Hair of Disabled Ward for Tiktok

The meteoric rise of social media influence on our daily lives has drawn more users, both young and old, from all parts of the world, into the bandwagon of posting content for attention – whatever it takes. As such, bizarre acts have become more prevalent in today’s world.

This one featured a domestic helper who decided to pull the hair of her ward in order to gain attention from the viewers of TikTok.

VIDEO: Domestic Helper Makes Fun of Disabled Ward to Gain Tiktok Likes

Domestic Helper Draws Flak on Social Media After Posting Tiktok Video Showing Abuse of Ward


In the TikTok video, the domestic helper was first seen dancing to a song until she called her ward to join the video according to a video posted on Kuwait News.

While dancing to a song, the helper suddenly pulled the hair of her ward, who appeared to have a disability.

The woman who looked after the boy seems to be neglecting her duties as the guardian of the child. It is also clear that the boy is not getting along well with her due to his disability.

Suppose you’re a parent and this happened to your child. What steps will you take in response to this incident? Will you report the helper to the authorities for abusing your child?

This is a strong reminder to all domestic workers that they should take care of their ward, especially when they’re not around their parents.

As of this writing, the uploader has already taken down the video on social media.

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